Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where is Sarah?

Four in the morning
Crapped out, yawning
Longing my life a--way
Ill never worry
Why should i?
Its all gonna fade

Now I sit by my window
And I watch the cars
I fear Ill do some damage
One fine day
But I would not be convicted
By a jury of my peers
Still crazy after all these years
Oh, still crazy
Still crazy
Still crazy after all these years

...all these years

Everything Sarah Palin will ever learn in her secret location as of August 18, 2009 absolutely nothing...


Name Ivy Frye

LaDonna Hale Curzon: Meghan McCain to sit in for Hasselbeck on "The Spew." Hardly a conservative replacement. About Me Me Me: Sarah Palin is on Facebook
Hi Friends, I wanted you to know that I launched my new political action committee, SarahPAC. Visit SarahPAC.com and stay tuned for updates

How many ghostwriters does it take to twitter?

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