Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ORANGE ALERT! The face that launched a thousand blogs...

...or if looks could kill, they wouldl?
Three blogs today featured Sarah's smirk, pouty, pissed off look.

Will she or won't she?
Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 68 -- Palin's Biggest Lie Yet?
Sarah Palin blessed with large, loving family - The sequel
Even Henry Rollins and his critics have tuned in for
Palin v Letterman part 6

ORANGE ALERT! Politicians With Fake Tans: A Cautionary Slideshow
What better time for the tan line and toes shot from the official State of Alaska photo gallery. It looks like someone removed it, she possibly thought the beaver in orange had a better tan.
It's all pretty amazing, considering She's Not There

update: Another ankle-whiting moment at Goose Creek with first love and crony from Wasilla High, Corrections Commissioner Joe Schmidt. The photo hasn't been removed from the official State of Alaska photo gallery !


  1. You're the best...awesome orange tan pic

  2. Hey there BPP:

    I've been over here a few times and you are very thorough and quite entertaining.

    Love the pics you choose, too ...

  3. This is my fave pic of the GINO, really shows her, ugh "personality" LOL!
    I'm so glad its been plastered all over the place!
    crystalwolf aka caligrl.

  4. i think everyone should start using that picture, or take one day and use it for every Alaska blog...

    some one with photoshop experience should put this face on her Sarahpac ad...hehehe, I tried using MS publisher...good but not clean results...