Sunday, August 23, 2009

REVEALED! SarahPac note writers!!!!

After long torturous hours of research none other than my spirited correspondent is coming through with the face behind the Facebook notes. The ones that a certain someone known as Sarah Palin is claiming to do in her spare time when she is not dressing down moose or small animals to stew, leading Republicans, prepping to be a Newt commentator or caring for her infamous dysfunctional family of Wasilla.

Brokeng news!
The Ghasper Report has eliminated Sarah Palin and Meg Stapleton
as the actual culprits writing that black magical world of salad and lies. They have all the responsibility but they don't come close to writing or thinking.
Not so for
Jackyl! He is definitely a number one contender. This revelation leads to so many others involved with "The Legend of the Death Panels," stolen from Betsy McCaughey.

Ghasper will say no more for now but he did leave a few clues to the other possible ghost writing team members. There is no indication that Sarah Palin is in any condition to help much, if at all.
The world is anxiously waiting for the next face of Sarah
and the mystery of the The Great Twitter Blackout of 2009 to be solved.
Did she really break her promise to her loyalists?

Of course, it is plausible that Meg could still be a conduit in this grand sticky mess of the money generating political action committee and social network note farce or hoax. Déjà vu


  1. Virginia Voter said... Who is Jackyl?

    I am just learning myself. The poor thing committed himself to the Borehamwood Asylum. After the straitjacket and padded room years things went downhill and somehow he ended up a ghost with a box on his head. He is fortunate that it doesn't fill up with water like some of his contemporaries.

    I'm not sure how Sarah and Meg met up with him but I hear he couldn't pass up their offer to be on Team Ghost Writers (TGW) at SarahPac. Later this year he's going to try for a spot on Dancing with the Stars, TomTom de LayLay thinks he has a real shot at it. Things are really looking up for the dude.

    There may be a video somewhere I will try to find and put up later. WTH, he makes more sense then those schmucks that send money to Crazy Lady funds.


  2. BPP...awesome..I wonder how that slush fund is doing these days...Sarah better tweet something or pop her head out of her undisclosed location if she wants to keep the money rolling in.