Sunday, August 9, 2009

Palin's ghastly ghost written Facebook

....she's baaack! her free as a ghost writer will allow and no more politically correct style. They are following a text book political rhetoric to unhinge the fringe. If the videos of town hall reactionary plants are any indication they are focusing on scaring the elderly, with a dash of Down Syndrome. Fear mongering with words like "death panel." (Statement on the Current Health Care Debate)
In the real world she would not allow a panel, she goes for bureaucratic snafu and plain old neglect to kill off the infirmed. Her bff's at the Anchorage Daily News even mention problems HERE, and the ADN rarely does anything that is not kissing Palin a$$. If her packs of pals believe her medical birth story, they have to know she tried to kill off the unborn Down Syndrome child she went on to use as a prop (pick your school of thought HERE).

More on real Sarah Palin health care (not even getting into other man, woman,child issues):
Breaking DoH and SS by replacing competency with Palin-bot
Sarah Palin's deadly healthcare
Alaska health care service ends for the most vulnerable
PalinCare in Alaska – now you tell me…who is evil incarnate?!

Palin Speaks at NRA Event — Receives a Bunch of Awards
Update: SEIU gets phone call “threatening to teach union officials a thing or two about ‘the Second Amendment’”

Palin is bound and determined to include children when needed for her purposes, I don't believe she could exist or function without using children (hockey mom and her alleged birth of a disabled son, see what a preemie really looks like here). We are waiting to learn about what care and treatment the boy receives for his condition. Why he does not wear the glasses he needs?

Sarah Palin's deadly health care is the worst in the world!

There is no doubt, the media coverage has been epic fail and that equals to continued suffering.

What can one say about this last week, the attack on bloggers and Sarah Palin as a policy wonk on health care? Her pals will keep the punches coming as they are doing a rope a dope marathon of lies. The good news is she is palling with Michele Marie Bachmann, another one who is famous for division and helping to bring the Republican party to an unsavory end. Do Republicans really think they need these crowd pumping shills? The price they will pay could be total extinction. It's time to write John McCain a letter and tell him how I really feel.
US Rep. gets death threat over health care reform

Rachel Maddow discovers just WHO is behind these Health Care town hall meeting disruptions.
What's Bad for the GOP Is Good for Fox News

Your Health Insurance - What Does it Cover, and How Much Will it Really Pay?

Crazy Woman Who Some Say May Have Tried To Kill Her

Own Son, Accuses President Obama....

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."
Sinclair Lewis

ooopies update! Whoever is playing the part of Sarah Plain on Facebook can't make up their mind either.

The New York Times

Palin's "Death Panel" for the Elderly in Alaska

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