Friday, July 31, 2009

Bristol Palin's New Man? Goodbye Levi Johnston, Hello Johnny Chandler

A quitter family soap opera that will never end...
Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol may no longer be engaged to Levi Johnston, but that doesn't mean she's sulking in sorrow. Bristol, 18, has turned to her ex boyfriend Johnny Chandler for some support - the guy she left to be with Levi! A friend of Bristol's tells the Enquirer: "Johnny feels terrible over what Bristol is going through."
Goodbye Levi Johnston,
Hello Johnny Chandler by Mitch Marconi REDUX: Apr 8, 2009

Johnny Chandler? That's the latest on Bristol. She made no announcement about her Candies Foundation Ambassador position, Candies did not say she resigned. She must be working hard behind the scenes. She is not a quitter, right?
The following pretty much sums up what she leaves us with:
Just curious, what is it about Johnny Chandler? We hear he is a fun guy with a great personality but nothing more that anyone can talk about? These are people that do not want to have their own say? They are as free as Sarah to set the record straight and tell their own stories. Sarah is heading toward the dark side, will they follow her into the abyss?
The world of fiction novels? "Fact or Fiction? Some of Both?"
Palin's Deceptions: MySpace Part One * My Space Part 2 * MySpace Part Three

Elvis Palin left the building, leaving fans and critics with a swirl of speculation and memories. It must be one of her brilliant ( WTF? ) strategies... like her smooth moves on the ladies at the The Republican Women Federated of Simi Valley for their golden gala 50 year celebration at the Reagan Library ( with
invitations to return! ) She really is moving to the dark side with record speed now. Can she ever recover and maintain a rock star position in a new party or with Todd's old AIP?

Palin Goes "Dark," Leaves Supporters Wondering
Sarah Palin: Memory Lane
Memories O' Sarah Palin

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Palin's beautiful Bristol Bay

What's happening?
The mysteries of Sarah are the mysteries of Alaska and the mysteries of her beloved Bristol Bay area. Where there are a few too many mysteries that need more blogging in a BLOGGER BEWARE territory. Some ugly things are going down if you aren't one of the chosen ones.

Blogger ignites firestorm in Dillingham, leaves her job
Public outrage over comments sparks her resignation
When Eileen Goode launched a blog last fall about her new life as a public radio reporter and news director in Dillingham, she started with a few jokes about drinking and fishing and incest.
The 28-year-old resigned from KDLG on Monday morning, she said, after a firestorm of outrage over the sometimes serious, sometimes mocking jabs she made at the town over problems like alcoholism and sexual abuse on her personal blog, titled "Chilly Hell" and subtitled
"I'm in Dillingham Alaska -- What's Your Excuse?"

Four comments from "Chilly Hell" Quam Fluctus Diversi, Quam Mari....
1. I hope you the best, you are alright. Thank you for finally getting us into the 21st century! Our funding up here is also based on all that socio economic devestation and violence, alcohol and sex crimes. Leave on ypur own terms, safety is a good reason...Your writing only got promoted and there is probably more video streaming to the station now, if not maybe more funding to hear your commentary should be found. July 28, 2009 8:40 PM Anonymous
2. Thanks for the recap, Eileen, and sorry to hear that the folks who actually think what you've written it (albeit, perhaps, not how you've written it) haven't been able to stand up to support you. I wish that, instead of eloquent examples of intolerance as "Get out of Alaska" comments, the end result was "let's talk about this town, and how we can fix some of our problems." July 28, 2009 8:18 PM Luigi
3. You are incoherent and dingy. Have you tried prozac honey? Anonymous July 28, 2009 11:06 PM Anonymous
4. I feel sorry for the poor guy mistaken enough to ever date/marry your bitter catty a**. July 28, 2009 11:50 PM Anonymous

July recap:
"Watching Sarah Palin's press conference on (July 3) Friday was like watching a drunk seal trying to land a plane, or in basketball terms (which Sarah prefers) like watching a grade-schooler try to score on Kobe while jabbering inanely." --Huffington Post blogger David Stemler.
Monday, July 6, 2009 Palin did an interview standing on the
shores of Dillingham, Alaska, wearing hip waders.

A Palin orchestrated media spectacle where everyone except CBS was invited. hmmmm....CBS News' Scott Conroy and special contributor Shushannah Walshe, who are writing a book about Palin. A book! Sarah Palin's resignation makes sense to two journalists working on the upcoming book:
'Sarah from Alaska' ** Hold them accountable!

Friday, July 24, 2009 Governor Palin Appoints 10 People to 7 Boards
video: Red Gold: The Pebble Mine Debate. Bristol Bay, AK

The nitty gritty of it all:
"Skulduggery surrounding Pebble Mine? Imagine that"
Mudflats: 7/30/09 Pebble Mine, Dirty Gold, and the Corporate War on Alaska’s Salmon
Pebble Mine is only one of the players in the corporate war on salmon that extends from Bristol Bay up the coast to the regions of Western Alaska struggling for their subsistence rights against the factory pollock trawlers decimating the salmon heading for the Yukon. This is only one effort, and it will be fought tooth and nail by powerful forces with lots of money.

Alaska Real: Activity on Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay region
Audubon Alaska

First Dud in Esquire magazine!
Sarah quotes:
"Bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie annoy me...."
"I eat, therefore I hunt."
"This is what I've been telling Bristol, before she gets married, is, Bristol, there are definitely gonna be tough parts in marriage. You have to look at those tough times and remember that you have essentially a business contract with this person."
"I bite my lip when I'm tempted to wisecrack, because I'm always thinking of something that I'd love to say but know that I better not say it because of the position that I'm in."
Todd Palin, "How to be a Man" * Todd Palin's rural village * Todd Palin guilty!
photo: Dillingham, Ak
The Bristol Bay Times
bristol bay times photos

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is Bristol Palin Baby Trig's Mother?

Bristol Palin was out of sight for the last five months of her mom Sarah Palin's reported pregnancy, and no one in the Guv's circle saw signs of pregnancy. Some pictorial evidence, and four month old articles from the Fairbanks Newsminer raise serious questions.

[ Yes, that video is from last year. Funny how it's still relevant. It is a long one but the gentleman is pleasant listening and does a good job. ]
original photo by sunhusky
Sarah Palin and Down's Syndrome

The latest: Pat Buchanan Outs Sarah Palin on Hardball

July 29, 2009 Palingates and Bree Palin
Sarah Palin's Fake Pregnancy In A Minute
Video: Sarah Palin's pregnancy is a hot topic!

rectangle shape, said to be Trig

(this is the Greta Van Susteren video of Sarah where she pats the rectangle tummy)

Why Babygate Matters
Who is Trig's Mother - Sarah or Bristol Palin

AUDIO: Todd and Sarah in their own words
Rare photo of Sarah Palin at Republican Governors Association conference in Grapevine, Texas in April 2008. Hours or days before her famous "wild ride" and Trig's given birth date of April 17, 2008.
July 4, 2009: McCain Adviser, Rick Davis, Lied About FBI Vetting Palin

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quitter Palin hates history and transparency

Palin's vitriol on official site VANISHES!

Let the cover-up commence...
Tue Jul 28, 2009
Official Press Archive
Yes, I was personally horrified that all links to Sarah Palin's vitriolic and targeted press releases to exact "fair play" or the threats of potential lawsuits against progressive Alaskan bloggers including Shannyn Moore and Linda Kellen-Biegel, seemed to have vanished entirely from the SOA (state of Alaska) website! Who wouldn't be? Keep in mind that those bloggers here in Alaska are merely expressing their first amendment rights in the form of "freedom of speech" by blogging about the alleged abuses of power and ethical complaints against Sarah Palin in her official capacity as Governor of the state of Alaska. With that in principle in mind I went to the sites I like to check every day to read whatever new crazy thing is designed to attack us bloggers. I went to the official State of Alaska website and got a shock that I feel should rock us all to our very core. -Laz
Original photo from Celtic Diva

Update: Thankfully, THE Diva "talks me down"...

The depth of Sarah Palin's ugliness knows no bounds. The state of Alaska belongs to the Palin gang or the to the people of Alaska? She did learn from the best, there is more scrubbing from the days of McCain/Palin08. Sherry Johnston tells of their computer being hacked and losing all their photos and who knows what.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Many Called, but Few Were Seated

Levi Johnston's book deal is progressing. I'm guessing he stayed at the Hotel Elysée or a comparable dwelling. He might learn to like New York after all. It's worth a look, definitely a change from Wasilla.

Many Called, but Few Were Seated

Here are a few links for Levi's digs while away:
trip advisor
Monkey Bar is THE resto on East 54th Street. A breathtaking journey into New York's publishing royalty where the air is as exquisite as the 40's dark luxury decor.
The Hotel Elysee, home to novelists, actors, athletes and playwrights -- Tennessee Williams lived and died there.
Finally, there was the restaurant, which can be entered through either the lobby or the bar. ``I remember seeing Tennessee Williams in here, about 1976,'' recalled one of my dinner guests. ``He was eating dinner and....

Monkeying Around With Edward Sorel

See, Hear & Speak No Evil

Socialite Life

Where: The Monkey Bar, 60 E. 54th Street
  • Cuisine: American
  • Vibe: Swanky supper club
  • Occasion: Stargazing; see and be seen. Impress your date.
  • Don't Miss: Monkey bread, Nora's meatloaf, sticky toffee pudding
  • Price: Appetizers, $13; entrees, $25; dessert, $9
The Monkey Bar has been pleasing palettes for over 70 years. Their menu include barbecue, crispy duck breast, grilled Hangar steak, and so much more. “Six nights a week the Monkey Bar offers a different cut of meat for $24, a significant savings over other New York steakhouses.”

Laws of the Jungle Apply *** Inside Monkey Bar

Currently celebrating its 80th anniversary, this legendary bar has been frequented by such luminaries as Tallulah Bankhead, Joe DiMaggio, Tennessee Williams, Marlon Brando and Ava Gardner. The overall ambiance taps into the location's unique history and features executive chef Julian Claus Ehlers array of American and Continental cuisine. Monkey Bar and Grill was voted the No. 1 bar in New York by Gourmet Magazine's latest readers' poll.

The New York Post reported on July 25, 2009:
They hadn't seen anything as big as Alaska before? "two of the biggest, burliest bodyguards
would be Rex Butler and Tank Jones.
Levi Johnston does need protection from the unrelenting hacks that are released when the Sarah Palin brand thinks there is a threat and their lies will be exposed.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wasilla: no glove, no love! wiener 101

If there is anything the Palins are proud of and love, it is Alaska's fish picker status. For heavens sake! They almost killed their unborn son, Trig, so he could have an Alaskan birth certificate. (I think it is called a "pro-life abortion") At least, they claim they took a flight that risked Trig's life to get that Alaskan fish picker certificate of birth, has anyone seen Trig's birth certificate? It has certainly been at the heart of a controversy. I take all that to mean fish is important to the Palins.

Alaska ships product all over the world and what would be more important than food safety? No one wants to infect their clients with disease. With the wonderful culinary delights of the state you would think Mr. Dochtermann's request would be important news and of interest to all Alaskans and all who love and buy their product. If you are a foodie be sure to read the following:
Request Investigation of Palin Administration July 24, 2009 By KC Dochtermann

Friday July 24, 2009 the Palin family serves wieners at a public event:
In the following video @ :38 a man hands something to Palin, she laughs and thanks him.

What was it? It looks like gloves, or a food handlers tool. At times Piper is wearing gloves while handling the wieners. At any time did her role model mother ever put on the gloves? It looks like she came close. Who was the gentleman in the video and what was he doing? It looks like Sarah, Piper and Britta Hanson were hovering over the food for quite a while. There is a serious old dude that is there to protect the Palins. At times people were hugging Sarah with the food beneath them. What on earth could drop off from their clothes? People do drool and sneeze, was it necessary to display affection in what was to be a food line?
Planning to serve food at a Fair, Carnival, Festival, Bazaar, Public Exhibition, Promotional Event, Potluck or Polictical Event?
Then you have a temporary food service.

What does Palin have against food safety?
winkwink Says:
First swine flu death of an Alaskan reported
Bristol's old party friends protect their cell phones!

Sail away

Lyrics: I'm sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea I've got to be free, free to face the life that's ahead of me On board, I'm the captain, so climb aboard We'll search for tomorrow on every shore And I'll try, oh Lord, I'll try to carry on I look to the sea, reflections in the waves spark my memory Some happy, some sad I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had We live happily forever, so the story goes But somehow we missed out, on that pot of gold

This will be the third consecutive year Palin will use the state picnic as a personal stage. In 2007 she attended the down home bash after signing the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act into law, and in 2008, just before she hit the national campaign trail, she basked in celebrity glory before a crowd of 3,000 adoring picnic goers.

Update: The best darn quitter picnic video

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Love to hear the quitter go tweet tweet tweet

Detroit Down" & "Rollin": "Aint gonna shut
my mouth/I know there's got to be a few hundred million more
like me/just trying to keep it free"

(Tweedle-lee-dee-dee-dee, tweedle-lee-dee-dee x 3)
(Tweet x 4)

He rocks in the tree tops all day long
Hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singing his song
All the little birds on Jaybird Street
Love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet
lyrics HERE

What DOES it All Mean?

Astroturfing, Dead-Agenting and Bots…What DOES it All Mean?
This is a perfect time to discuss a few new terms that we must add to our vocabulary. Today I will pick “astroturfing” since that is exactly what I am experiencing in response to my discussion of Political Dominionism and how it has infested the GOP.
PART II - Astroturfing, Dead-Agenting, Black PR & Bots Defined…

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Kill it and start over"

Billy Kristol, the dud that gave us Sarah Palin (227 dead Alaska*) and the Weekly Standard.

Kristol: Kill It, and Start Over

"And get this. The federal auditors notified Alaska officials on June 26, nearly three weeks ago. And there had already been half dozen lawsuits filed before that. But we didn't hear a peep out of Governor Sarah Palin about this scandal while she was explaining why she's bailing out or going fishing." Sarah Palin’s Medicaid Scandal: Letting People Die While Waiting

What does Sarah say? Quitter Twitter
Palin pals tweet their issues

*More dead Alaska:
Mudflats: Wasilla's Toxic Cloud
Mudflats: Palin’s Health Care Priorities and Alaska’s Daughters
The Immoral Minority: Sarah's resignation comes too late to save 200 lives lost due to negligence by the state of Alaska
The Immoral Minority: It looks like Sarah helped break the DoH and Social Services

Watch out lower48, she is heading your way and the media is asking for a Twitter interpreter for Palin! 2046?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

When will Bristol's abstinence-only passion show?

Celebrity Bristol Palin was last mentioned as being in public in a July 4, 2009 article. Todd has a beard and doesn't have a beard, that part gets confusing. Was the parade photo taken this year? Bristol looks like she gained weight or she could be pregnant and rumors fit right in with the look. Just last May she was thinner for her media gig with the Candies Foundation. Who is the beardless guy from July 3? It's all too much.

I'd like to know is Bristol a quitter like her mother? Why hasn't she said boo about abstinence-only? She could have one of the Palin public relations teams put out a spin about why she quit, to spend more time with her little family is a good one. The disappearing act is low life, she learned that from her parent. This works for a rebellious Bristol who wants to make her parents look bad. If she wants to stoke the rumor mill she can, that's how Britney and Lindsay do it. Why not another dopey celebrity teen?

It took Levi to show the world that Tripp is not always the "out cold" prop the Palin side shows us. If they wanted to put out another image of Tripp with the Palins, they would if they could.

The last presser I know of was last April. HERE, Bristol Palin Has A New Boyfriend!! The Sarah PR would have approved of the release or we would have heard something else. Whether an actual friend of Bristol said that or not, we'll never know, it's more likely it was a no name plant. The Bristol isolation part of all this was pathetic. It is nice if she appears to have some friends her age. Johnny Chandler has passed approval and we hear he is working on his image. Chandler has pity for Bristol, Levi probably joins his old friend in Bristol pity. Sarah not only threw her from the bus, she'll continue to run over her because she knows Bristol is too weak to escape. The stories about Bristol going to school in Anchorage are dubious, they mean nothing, even if she was going to school there or taking courses on-line. Wasilla is a tiny community, a suburb of Anchorage. Some residents may feud for a time, like the Hatfields and McCoys, but in the end they'll kiss and make up. Bristol is bonded to her old gang.

It makes total sense that she is not practicing abstinence-only. Has she gone back to "slutting" around as the new rumors go (Have you ever wondered why she suddenly stopped going around promoting abstinence?)? Slut was a word she used. Does she have a steady beau, two, more? The last we heard from a presser she was palling with the old gang. There is news, Wasilla is a toxic wasteland, which is further explanation to their problems as seen around the world. What is happening to your youth, Wasilla?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Search and Seizure and Sarah Palin

Case Summaries and Commentary by Federal Defenders of the Sixth Circuit
Full article from the Sixth Circuit Blog
Fourth Amendment - Search and Seizure
Computer Searches, The Fourth Amendment, and Sarah Palin

July 17, 2009 EXCERPTS:
The challenge to the breadth of the government's search of the defendant's computer presents an issue that has yet to be adequately addressed by most courts, and could prove to be fruitful ground for defense practitioners seeking to suppress evidence obtained from a defendant's computer.

Hoffman explains: "Because Fourth Amendment jurisprudence has evolved around traditional notions of physical property and common law trespass, its application to new technologies has been an ongoing challenge for the courts. It is well-settled that people generally have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their personal computers, but forensic examinations--a key component of many police investigations--raise some difficult questions."

Fourth Amendment, regardless of whether the courts ultimately rely on adapting old rules to solve the problems, or adopting new rules to reflect the technologies." Their article identifies a myriad of issues relating to computer searches and proposes that adapting old rules will be insufficient to address the problems presented by broad computer searches. They contend that the promulgation of new rules will be necessary to prevent the circumvention of the 4th Amendment's privacy protections in persons effects found on hard drives. In addressing the Georgia courts' view of a computer as simply another briefcase, they state, "[t]his simplistic view fails to recognize the scope of the searches that are being undertaken; fails to consider the amount of information found in computers that has nothing to do with legitimate law enforcement concerns and results in the violation of the particularity requirement of the Fourth Amendment and the requirement that searches and seizures be reasonable."

I believe that the Kernell case might present an excellent situation for the Sixth Circuit to address the parameters of the 4th Amendment in the digital age, and the district court's actions in this case bears watching. While Garland and Williams identify other issues presented by computer searches, I believe the particularity requirement of the 4th Amendment is going to be the key to evaluating search warrants seeking to seize computers from a defendant. When you seize most people's computers these days, you aren't just seizing their storage device for evidence of crimes or illicit contraband, but also, their checkbooks, their entertainment systems, their writings, "their papers and effects" if you will. Given the myriad of uses computers are involved in, are warrants that describe the item to be seized simply as a "computer" enough to fulfill the particularity requirement, or will agents need to identify the specific type of file that they are searching for in the computer? If agents go in searching for one thing, but do a little nosing around, and find evidence of another crime, is that 'plain-view'? These are just two of many questions that have yet to be answered regarding computer searches.

Georgia Bar Journal PDF
"The Fourth Amendment and Computers: Are computers just another container or are new rules required to reflect new technologies,"

Friday, July 17, 2009

RIP Dec. 4, 2006 - July 26, 2009

The Palin celebrity is fading into twitter world and this makes just about everyone happy. It will be fun!

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin let everyone know on Twitter that she is just 10 days from throwing off the reins of elected office to go rogue.

Referencing her announcement to step down as governor on July 26, she posted this tweet Friday: "elected is replaceable;Ak WILL progress! + side benefit=10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site"

Palin loves Twitter and has used it as a tool to go around the mainstream media and broaden her support among conservatives in the lower 48. To me, today's tweet is more evidence that she plans to run for president in 2012.

She also asked her 99,115 followers to switch to her personal Twitter account once she is out of office: "I'll stay in touch w/whomever wants via personal twtr site;launch July 26;"

Palin's obvious excitement about speaking out on political issues -- unfettered -- as a private citizen and her encouragement of people to follow her after she resigns are part of the groundwork for a future campaign.

If the latter is true she is truly delusional, her populace ruse is good to rile up a base. That's it.

Update: Dillingham "I love living in a place where I can be treated as a respectable personage simply by dint of being sober, employed and totally uninterested in having sex with relatives or children," she wrote.
In some posts, Goode accused the community of a general failure to acknowledge and deal with its problems.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ivy Frye "ethics filer mcleod 'jumped' gov palin

Patrick @ Palin's Deceptions found an interesting tweet from *Ivy Frye's twitter (How Do You Interpret Ivy's Latest Twitter?).
I have no clue what she meant by "jumped." It does seem she is working to smear (soon former) gov Palin's constituent, Andrée McLeod. Considering who *Ivy (contempt of court) Frye is and her place in politics, this twit makes for curious and curiouser. Further digging into what "gop convent last yr-- a wk b4 trig was born!" here.

A few *Ivy Frye cryptic twits for July:
  • @C4P ethics filer mcleod "jumped" gov palin @ gop convent last yr-- a wk b4 trig was born! i distracted mcleod so gov could get to her suv.
  • Having been there, I was genuinely scared for Gov Palin when friv ethics filer andree mcleod stalked events/camped out in office
(RIGHT>AP Photo/Al Grillo*Ivy Frye, a member of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's staff, reacts in the home of Chuck and Sally Heath, Palin's parents, in Wasilla, Alaska, as Sen. John McCain announces the Alaska governor as his his running mate and choice for vice president Friday Aug. 29.2008.
More *Ivy Frye:
The resolution names Todd Palin, the governor’s husband, Randy Ruaro, Palin’s deputy chief of staff, and *Ivy Frye, another staff member, as having failed to appear in response to subpoenas.
Palin staff members Annette Kreitzer, Dianne Kiesel, Nicki Neal, Brad Thompson, Michael Nizich, Kris Perry and Janice Mason were named as having agreed through an attorney to appear without subpoenas being served, but did not.
Attorney Thomas Van Flein, who represented Todd Palin, contends that his client went through the proper channels in objecting to the subpoenas before finally complying with a written statement.

*Ivy “Stop blogging. Stop blogging right now!” Frye

Good idea for Frye to tell boss “Stop twittering. Stop twittering right now!”
Ivy Frye Answers to Interrogatories
Description of FOIA Request

Updates: Sarah Palin unleashes...Ivy Frye?
--Ivy Frye was known as Palin's overpaid babysitter
It is not going away.....
.. more Ivy fryes .........
docsBranchflower: Ivy fryes Troopergate investigation

Ivy Frye, dedicated State of Alaska staff baby sitter
More Fryegate: 30-something Palin babysitter/shopper Ivy Frye was dating 65-yer-old AP writer Steve Quinn. When the AP found out they shipped his butt out of Alaska. 12:08 PM

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Churchlady Sarah

Update: An Open Letter to Sarah Palin…A MUST READ!
Update: Video: Palin Attended Church Event With Samurai Sword Ceremony
by Troutfishing 7/17/09
Update: Palin Pastors, C Street House Owner Promote Infiltration Plan. The 7M Mandate is being promoted by a newly formed global Christian relational network, coalescing out of Pentecostalism and the Charismatic movement, which represents a radically different new form of Christianity, whose leaders Palin is extensively linked to, that most Americans do not even know exists: The New Apostolic Reformation.
What part did church play in the criminal neglect deaths of 227 Alaskans?

The video of Kenyan pastor Thomas Muthee praying over Sarah Palin at the Wasilla Assembly of God church has resurfaced. Some choice excerpts.

We can’t know for sure the words of Thomas Muthee in his many sermons to the Wasilla Assemblies of God during the year 2005, other than his laying of hands on Sarah Palin in that year and telling God to make her Governor. We can’t know because the Wasilla Assemblies of God has quickly removed the extensive audio records of Muthee’s sermons, for some of which Palin presumably sat in the audience.

Muthee to speak.

"Oh, the one I’m listening to is full of talking about how people have to obey their religious leaders. Authoritarian stuff, mixed with talk about how there are demonic energies out there plotting to get us. Creepy."

December 15, 2008

ANCHORAGE: An arsonist has badly damaged the church attended by the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, and she has apologised if the fire was connected to "undeserved negative attention" from her failed campaign as the Republican vice-presidential nominee.

The Wasilla Bible Church sign sits by the road in front of the church in Wasilla, Alaska Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008. The Wasilla church where vice presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, attends is promoting a program that promises to convert homosexuals to heterosexuals through the power of Jesus Christ and prayer.

Family Values:

WTF, Levi Johnston/Baby Pics Shown On TeeVee Are Actually Pics of Levi Holding Sarah Palin’s Supposed Baby Trig?

MySpace Part Three
9/28/2007 "haha, you were gonna fight Bristol for Lanesia"

Bristol Palin Pissed at Levi Johnston Media Tour

board of directors.
There is an old Newsweek article on Palin and her religious beliefs here.

The Collins Report
‘Wasilla Bible Church fire’

Exclusive interview reveals: Palin’s church fire was attempted murder by a professional
January 28, 2009, 7:17 am By Kevin “Coach” Collins

McCain Campaign Running Alaska While Palin Campaigns
They have clamped down on information flowing out of state government

Alaska health care service ends for the most vulnerable

Alaska's elderly will not find a safety net as Sarah Palin quits for bigger fish.

Feds halt Alaska health programs
IN-HOME CARE: Lawsuits, huge case backlog prompt moratorium on applications.
Lisa Demer

"Federal officials conducted their "focused review" in May and notified Health and Social Services Commissioner Bill Hogan of the moratorium in a June 26 letter."

Alaska's reigning official was too busy to notice this emergency? Why wasn't the executive branch on top of this or at least give some notice? No, it is not the ethics complaints!
Office of Alaska Governor

Palin quits before more goo gets her...

Update: Ben Hogan, Department of Health and Social Services

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sarah Palin Fan Club

Forget Moose, Sarah Palin's About To Field Dress Levi Johnston
My Dinner with Levi

Sarah Palin Fan Club

NOT a Sarah Palin fan
Sharpies and Babies

Saturday, July 11, 2009



REDUX: November 22, 2008 ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Sarah Palin is juggling offers to write books, appear in films and sit on dozens of interview couches at a rate astonishing for most Hollywood stars, let alone a first-term governor.

Oprah wants her. So do Letterman and Leno.

The failed Republican vice presidential candidate crunched state budget numbers this past week in her 17th-floor office as tumbling oil prices hit Alaska's revenues. Her staff, meanwhile, fielded television requests seeking the 44-year-old Palin for late-night banter and Sunday morning Washington policy.

Agents from the William Morris Agency and elsewhere, have come knocking. There even has been an offer to host a TV show.

"Tomorrow, Governor Palin could do an interview with any news media on the planet," said her spokesman, Bill McAllister. "Tomorrow, she could probably sign any one of a dozen book deals. She could start talking to people about a documentary or a movie on her life. That's the level we are at here."

"Barbara Walters called me. George Stephanopoulos called me," McAllister said. "I've had multiple conversations with producers for Oprah, Letterman, Leno and 'The Daily Show."'

Asked whether Winfrey was pursuing Palin for a sit-down, Michelle McIntyre, a spokeswoman for Winfrey's Chicago-based Harpo Productions Inc., said she was "unable to confirm any future plans" for the show.

Palin may have emerged from the campaign politically wounded, with questions about her preparedness for higher office and reports of an expensive wardrobe. But she has returned to Alaska with an expanded, if unofficial, title -- international celebrity. Palin considers 800 requests for appearances

"Pity we had to risk the national security of the United States
to get the smell of fish out of her clothes."
The Rise And Fall Of A Delusional Celebrity
Levi Speaks
Levi Johnston

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hold them accountable!

"Rarely is anyone in Washington, from politicians to operatives to journalists, held accountable for the damage they inflict on the body politic. Those who banged the drum for disastrous war flit from one editorial page to the next; those who insisted on ruinous deregulation return as economic advisors to the president. The men who told us that Sarah Palin should be next in line of succession to the presidency may quarrel among themselves now, but they will all be back with yet more stupid advice -- and we can only blame ourselves if we listen."
Joe Conason July 10, 2009

  • The poison of celebrity While the ersatz mourning for Michael Jackson was merely annoying, the fame of lightweight Sarah Palin is dangerous
'Sarah from Alaska' McCain-Palin

Levi video: Money Prompted Palin to Resign

The former fiance of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's 18-year-old daughter says he thinks he knows why the Alaska governor is resigning-- concerns over money. Johnston spoke at a news conference Thursday at the office of his attorney.(July 9, 2009)

Levi Johnston on Palin’s Resignation (mudflats)