Thursday, August 13, 2009

At home with Sarah Palin

or hell on earth?
Willow is the latest Palin to go tabloid.

Wasilla likes to party and social networks like Facebook and MySpace are where to keep the memories!

According to The Star Magazine 15-year-old Willow Palin
likes to party

Where are her parents?
Tabloid Tales:
i just have to say kudos to funny lady kathy griffin who brought cutie levi johnston as her date to the teen choice awards – he happens to be sarah’s daughter bristol palin’s baby daddy (there’s bonus pictures below of the two together dining together after the show) it was such a smart and hilarious move on ms. griffin’s part – oh i bet sarah just loved that – the queen of the gays out & about with her grandchild’s hot daddy! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

"Divorce!"....about her rumored impending divorce – although sarah denies she’s heading to splitsville with hubby todd palin (run todd … run!) i really do think in a few months she’ll be a single lady! (the thought of her dating kills me) she recently quit her job as the governor of alaska – the whole resignation was totally fishy – obviously she can’t stand the fire and decided to remove herself from the kitchen –

Star has an eyewitness account of their 15-year-old daughter Willow drinking vodka and smoking pot at a wild house party! “Her eyes were getting more and more glazed as the night went on,” says a source. SOURCE
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Heeeere's Johnny!


  1. Wow. On the front page and everything. I'll have to go take a peek at the grocery stores in Wasilla to see if they have them dipslayed.

  2. Please let me know if you find The Star on display in Wasilla.

    Is that Willow's debut cover girl magazine shot? Sad, if they don't take a wake up call.
    As garish as being a tabloid queen or princess can be, there is a message underneath it all.
    The divorce talk is a distraction. There is some serious pain in the Palin family that they all need to face.
    Lies are poison.