Monday, June 29, 2009

Speak up Wasilla

Things are looking up for Wasilla! The veil of fear could be lifted and a moratorium on all muzzles.

Phillip Munger at Progressive Alaska brought up a request for Sarah Palin to sign a release of her medical records. That would free Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson to explain the advice that could have killed the unborn baby, Trig. Palin's flight from Texas to Alaska on April 17, 2008, at best, it is abuse. Others would say attempted murder. Why would she be allowed to get by with this flagrant and deadly behavior?

I had a heck of a time getting to the following audio of Munger's interview with Mark Method. I'm challenged. But it was worth it! Here is the podcast link. Once on the page, find Mark Method.
Find the date of 6-27-09 and listen. That can be harder than it sounds. Don't give up. It is long, but you can also hear Celtic Diva!
Progressive Alaska's redux of Lee Tompkins letter is a must read. Tompkins believes Sarah Palin did birth Trig. There are those that don't believe for a second she is Trig's birther.

I'm not holding my breath for Dr. Baldwin-Johnson to pour her heart out and redeem her reputation. However, this is all encouraging, but like Levi Johnston, it may only be partially revealing.

What matters is that others can now speak up. They can tell their stories. Write their letters. Ask their questions. If they meet a wall of silence, that silence will be loud. When a child or children look abused or neglected no one should rest until they know what is going on. Politicians and religions can serve to protect perpetrators and it is a long process to unravel their devices and connect all the dots.

Dr. Baldwin-Johnson has been honored and awarded for her work with meth and abuse in the Mat-Su Valley. She is professional and does radio interviews on abuse. It is just too puzzling why she would sign off on a flight that would risk the life of an unborn. Those that do know her have started to talk and they tell of experiences where she was very cautious with pregnancies of less risk. That is only a part of her strange behaviors in the saga of Sarah. I have a feeling we will be hearing more about the good doctor, all in due time.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Stick a fork in Bree, she's done"

What man, woman or child wouldn't give their eye teeth to not only have the ab thing going? (that was 33 weeks pregnant) Also, by age 44 to be a miracle tight rope walker and hiker? If that wasn't enough, she showed the world her very
"Amazingly Short Pregnancy" (hypocritesandheffalumps).
Who could do all that while governing Alaska? Sarah Palin!

They don't call her an icon for nothing, she bounced right back after that narrow escape from almost birthing a fish picker in Texas. Within days, baby Trig was ready for a coming out shower and to meet the world. All that after his near death or brain death experience in the skies over the lower48, Texas and Canada and finally arriving at her not special needs little hospital in the Mat Su Valley. Palingates: Sarah Palin's wild ride in her own words

Have you ever seen anything quiet like her? No wonder people still have a million questions.

It is broken down into two categories: (not including camp denial because they won't talk or answer questions)
1. Sarah Palin is the most uncaring, devil-may-care mom to be, who wanted to kill unborn Trig
2. Sarah Palin was never pregnant with Trig

Either way her constituents, the lower48 and the rest of the world deserve
and must have answers they can verify.

Progressive Alaska's redux of Lee Tompkins letter.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority is getting to those burning questions, how does she do it? Where are those exercise class friends? She didn't have a baby without support and help from her long time family physician, Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson.
The Sarah Palin exercise plan: Or how to keep baby weight off until the seventh month and then drop it all again only weeks after giving birth.
Just for fun Palin and Letterman Pregnancies

There was a deluge of shuddering for the Palins during the time she was going for the VP spot. That in itself would be fascinating to delve into. The Johnston family had McCain operators move in on them and their computer was gutted. Many photos and MySpace were screen captured and a few survived on the internet.
TruthSeeker222: Sarah's Pregnancy photos

More this and that on the über uterine females:
Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson

Palin's Deceptions: "Yes, it's hard to make out exactly what you're looking at here; the initial screen grab just doesn't have enough date to make a really clear shot. But the overall impression here is that we are looking at something that is rectangle shape."

Update: video

(this is the video of Sarah where she pats the rectangle tummy above)

@ 1:58 kristan cole
@ 4:50 pregnant sarah April 2008

It's here, you need no other example of Palin's pregnancy prowess.
(this has changed, you might be able to get to the one where Sarah hikes in a Juneau
winter with her high heel boots if you try)
Was Ambassador Bristal Palin just stringing us along for Sarah's PR spin, or is she an actual spokes person for abstinence-only?

WTF!!!! VIDEO: Stick a fork in Bree, she's done

hat tip to ProChoiceGrandma

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sarah Palin icon, balancing black berries and...

"Baby Burke" photos from Mudflats
There is a big uproar over a 'Baby Burke' image at Mansour's public relations operation site.

Icon is in the eyes of the beholder. To hear Rebecca A. Mansour tell it, you'd think that parading a young baby time and again in front of stage lights for crowds of seething germs is how to get her ideal of an iconic shot. For others Sarah Palin's iconic mothering style is using a prop.

Heather captured "Balancing BlackBerry and baby" another iconic image of Sarah Palin, as anyone can see, that should read black berries. August 29, 2008 for Meghan McCain's Bloggette. Meghan did a great job documenting the 2008 Presidential campaign. Meghan has gone on to write for the Daily Beast and she got herself a worthwhile book deal. Meghan: "Starting out the day with Dad's choice of Governor Sarah Palin as his nominee for Vice President is a moment on stage I will never forget."

This is the week for governors to bail, first Sanford of South Carolina jets to Argentina. Palin of Alaska hasn't fully recovered from all the questions she stirred during her New York Texas games. Her staff doesn't care to keep track of where she is or let anyone know who is in charge, they just say to visit Alaska troops overseas, another pre-campaign photo op is more like it. To be back Monday? They are never that clear, so there are more missing and unaccountable days (4-5 days?) on the tax payers dime.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Wingnut Elisabeth Hasselbeck Accused Of Plagiarism
Wednesday Jun 24, 2009
There have been a number of right wingers who have been accused of plagiarism and lifting other's work in recent years. Most notably, Cindy McCain, Ann Coulter and Ben Domenech and more recently, Sarah Palin was caught lifting passages from Newt Gingrich. Now, an author has accused wingnut Elisabeth Hasselbeck of lifting her content "word for word" in her new book:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ORANGE ALERT! The face that launched a thousand blogs...

...or if looks could kill, they wouldl?
Three blogs today featured Sarah's smirk, pouty, pissed off look.

Will she or won't she?
Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 68 -- Palin's Biggest Lie Yet?
Sarah Palin blessed with large, loving family - The sequel
Even Henry Rollins and his critics have tuned in for
Palin v Letterman part 6

ORANGE ALERT! Politicians With Fake Tans: A Cautionary Slideshow
What better time for the tan line and toes shot from the official State of Alaska photo gallery. It looks like someone removed it, she possibly thought the beaver in orange had a better tan.
It's all pretty amazing, considering She's Not There

update: Another ankle-whiting moment at Goose Creek with first love and crony from Wasilla High, Corrections Commissioner Joe Schmidt. The photo hasn't been removed from the official State of Alaska photo gallery !

Creamery dairygate update plus

Creamery Case moved to
blow-pop-palin4 Creamery
update and more links
The best defense…
What Is EFF?
EFF is the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world.
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Free Speech Anonymity, Bloggers' Rights, CyberSLAPP, No Downtime for Free Speech Campaign
Innovation Accessibility for the Reading Disabled, Broadcast Flag, Coders' Rights Project, Digital Rights Management, Patents, Trusted Computing
Intellectual Property Broadcast Flag, Digital Radio, Digital Video, DMCA, File Sharing, No Downtime for Free Speech Campaign, Patents
International Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, Broadcasting Treaty, Development Agenda, EFF Europe, Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, The Global Network Initiative, WIPO
Privacy Anonymity, CALEA, Cell Tracking, NSA Spying, Pen Trap, Real ID, RFID, Search Engines, Travel Screening
Transparency E-Voting Rights, FOIA Litigation for Accountable Government, Test Your ISP

Monday, June 22, 2009

Kristan Cole

Creamery Case moved to
( if you can't leave a comment below, try the new blog )

Creamery Case Has Palin Critics Taking Aim at Fiscal-Conservative Claim
Redux: Wall Street Journal SEPTEMBER 16, 2008

photos: Cheryl Moseley King and Kristan Cole

****Palingates more Dairygate
*** aft agreement
** Mudflats April 24, 2009 Under the category of “you can’t make this stuff up, Cole’s mother, Cheryl Moseley King has a colorful past involving…(wait for it)….trust fund money. We can only hope that Cole did not inherit her philosophy of money management.
*The Valley Dairy: Got Fraud?

Early in 2002, B.C. broker Cheryl King shocked the local real estate community and the 35 sales reps at her Re/Max Assist Realty office in Kamloops when she disappeared, along with trust fund money and real estate commissions.

She faced charges of fraud, breach of trust and forgery, but it took until last month before the issue was resolved. King, now known as Cheryl Moseley, pleaded guilty to one charge of illegally accessing trust funds on June 21, reports The Daily News in Kamloops.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where was Willow of Wasilla on June 7, 2009?

That seems to be a burning question since the faux Palin v. Letterman thing started. Willow's dad, Todd Palin, brought poor Willow into the madness using an inappropriate word. RAPE. Next the "HOT" Governor of the tiny state of Alaska riles her fans with the inflammatory statutory rape alarm. They had to make up a story and twist a dumb joke in order to get this much attention, the same joke that was told numerous times by several comedians.

How tasteful would it be to just write a letter?

Wasn't it enough that they publicly paraded a knocked up Bristol? Now they want Willow under their bus, forever linked with statutory rape rhetoric. What kind of psychosis drives these parents?

How many New Zealanders would recognize Willow
Palin? The numbers are growing. Her parents gave her face time in the New Zealand press. Too bad they can't work that magic with their bail out plan for their rising legal debts.

Now it's of national and world interest if Willow was actually at Yankee Stadium.

The trip to New York was publicity plus with photos and video of everything. Willow looking like a bright eyed participant to her grungy Candies sex model for teens look. At a glance, it is easy to think that was the knocked up daughter? I don't know what the Letterman scriptwriters saw or knew that day, it is not believable that seasoned comedians would do that joke about a 14 year old. That is clear. So why toss Willow under the bus and do the high drama routine?

It is not even about if Willow was at Yankee Stadium on June 7, 2009 or not.
It is, did they lie again?
Todd came out and said Willow was at the stadium along with Rudy and Judi Giuliani. There were press photos taken. The simplest thing would be to release the photo ops of Willow that day. Since the Giuliani's are silent that screams another stupid cover up. Giuliani loves to gab and be the one to settle things. Whether she was there or not, it is in fact certain that someone wants to keep the Willow statutory rape link going.

David Letterman did not tell a joke about a 14 year-old girl. He did not tell a rape joke.
Here is an example of the lies they are telling to keep this fake feud going.
Todd Palin is projecting rape. Sarah Palin wants to throw statutory rape in the mess. They need to be called out on all their lies no matter how petty. The Palins are hurting their children, Letterman's son and every other child with their rotten role modeling.
( Enquiring minds also want to know why are Palin babies "out cold" so often? )

David Letterman apologized TWICE. That was days ago. The Palin teams are not letting it go. With every kook they can find, there is an on going protest to fire Letterman. You can go to the fire David Letterman website and count the lies they must tell to provoke the situation.

If any good will come out of this it might be the public will be able to tell Bristol from Willow Palin.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bristol Palin is not winning in the public relations department. People Magazine did a garish cover of her with a baby last May. In the article she was quoted as saying "'Where's my baby?' the 19-year-old wonders as she receives her diploma." It was a piece that would shame most mothers her age.

Bristol Palin's prior media splash was in New York City to promote abstinence-only with the Candies Foundation. The very mixed message corporation that sells sexy shoes and clothes to young girls. To counter their exploitation they raise money to tell their taunted targets not to have sex.

Levi Johnston was seen last week around Hollywood with business woman and entrepreneur,
Jennifer Murphy. He talked to Larry King last night from Anchorage, Alaska and said he spent Tuesday with baby Tripp. Bristol and Levi are Tripp's parents. After some rough times they are currently getting along and Levi is allowed to see the baby about four times a week. They are not talking about court.

Things are definitely looking up for Levi. He is working on several interesting possibilities for his future. Two book offers and not just any book but one that could
“Quite frankly, I think it could affect 2012.”
A hunting reality show and more.
Update: June 16, 2009 | 10:09pm
“He is fightin’ the stuff that he really loves, because he wants to stay cool for Wasilla.”
Tank Jones
The Tank and Levi Caper
People Magazine

Levi Johnston on the Letterman-Palin Feud
The following is a partial transcript of Levi's phone interview with Larry King:
KING: Levi joins us by phone from Anchorage, Alaska. He's the ex-fiance of Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, the father of their baby, Trip.

He's here tonight to talk about the joke heard around the world and the aftermath.

Now, David Letterman has issued a public apology to Governor Palin and her family for the crack he made about one of her daughters being knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.

Here's some of what he said on his show last night. (
Aired June 16, 2009 complete transcript )

LETTERMAN: One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game. During the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez. (LAUGHTER)

LETTERMAN: So I would like to apologize, especially to the two daughters involved, Bristol and Willow, and also to the governor and her family and everybody else who was outraged by the joke. I'm sorry about it and I'll try to do better in the future.

KING: All right, Levi, what do you make of all of this?

LEVI JOHNSTON: Well, you know, I don't think he meant to hurt anybody. You know, he's a comedian. And that's what he's going to do. But I think he did cross a certain line.
KING: Did it bother you at all when he said it?
JOHNSTON: You know -- you know, I took it as a joke. And, you know, obviously it made Sarah and her family mad. But he's -- you know, I think it was a joke a lot of people wouldn't have liked for him to say. But, you know, that's what he does.
KING: Well, he thought that your former fiancee was at the stadium with the governor. Do you understand that part?
JOHNSTON: Yes. That's what I'm saying is I don't think he meant it as, you know, as Willow. I believe he meant it as Bristol.
KING: Yes. Sarah Palin says that she accepts Letterman's apology and hopes he and other men who joke about sexual exploitation of girls will evolve. She also says that Letterman certainly has the right to joke about whatever he wants to. And, thankfully, we have the right to express our reaction. Levi, do you think all of this is going away now?
JOHNSTON: I hope so. I, you know, the more you go out and people are going to say what they want. And the more you -- you talk about it, the longer it's going to go on. If you just, you know, pick and choose what you want to talk about, you know, if you don't go out there and talk about it, it's going to go away faster than it would than it would if you were going to go out there and make a deal out of it.
KING: What's the latest? Are you getting to see your baby?
JOHNSTON: Yes, I was actually with him all day today. (June 16, 2009)
KING: Are they lightening up in that area?
JOHNSTON: They are.
KING: Did you have to go to court or did they just revolve this -- resolve it without court?
JOHNSTON: No, we're resolving it without going to court so far.
KING: How often do you get to see her -- him, rather?
I'm sorry.
JOHNSTON: Three or four times a week.
KING: Well, that's good. You're bonding.
KING: Good luck, Levi. Thanks again, as always.
JOHNSTON: Thank you.
KING: Levi Johnston.

Kathy Griffin is chomping at the bit to get in on our latest discussion. You can bet on that, next.
Griffin's opinions were not only funny, also right to the point.

The celebrity, Sarah Palin is also a governor of Alaska and grand mother to baby Tripp. Her recent trip to New York, a D.C. dinner and a mysterious side trip to Texas kept her fodder going. It was during this time that the David Letterman joke started everyone talking about all her strange behaviors.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hereee's Trig! It's Saturday Night Live From New York!

Here is Trig in a media whirlwind, doing every pit stop like a seasoned politician must endure. What five month old down syndrome baby wouldn't grab the opportunity to be at the Saturday Night Live studios?

Shannyn Moore has the Palin incest skit video. It's now June 2009. Suddenly, Palin makes a turn around regarding late night comics and there is a huge schism. Why now? Why only Letterman?
during VP campaign
after VP campaign
10) Last September, a skit on Saturday Night Live suggested incest in the Palin family. “What about the husband?” asked a mock Times reporter. “You know he’s doing those daughters. I mean, come on. It’s Alaska!” No outrage. Sarah Palin appeared on the show one month later in late October.
That was a pretty raunchy skit. So why did Palin drag Trig along to such a place? Why would she participate with a studio filled with perverts?

Here are more photos of Trig and Sarah.
"She looks scrumptious in a miniskirt and leather boots, carrying her son Trig."

There is nothing new about Palin jokes, here are a few examples:
Late-Night Jokes about Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

And Palin jokes back:
“The Palins have no intention of providing a rating’s boost for David Letterman by appearing on his show. Plus, it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman.
It is curious that Sarah Palin, despite her outrage in recent comments, is the one who is making a tasteless quip at the expense of Willow. Of course it is not unusual for Palin to take advantage of her children for publicity.

Documented Hypocrisy by: JustMe Sat Jun 13, 2009
"and who has sexually harassed women"

As rocket points out Palin has her own record when it comes to women's issues.
rocket Says:

Once again Palin sends out a smoke screen obscuring REAL Alaska problems:

Alaska is the # 1 state in the country for Rape and has been for 23 out of the last 30 years (FBI’s Uniform Crime Report,

Alaska’s reported rate of rape per capita is 2.6 times the national average (FBI’s Uniform Crime Report,

Anchorage has the ninth highest sexual assault rate of any city in the United States, and Fairbanks is ranked first (FBI’s Uniform Crime Report,

Fairbanks’ rape rate is 4.7 times the national average (FBI’s Uniform Crime Report,

AK’s Child abuse rate is six times higher than the national average. (Department of Public Safety/ AK CDVSA Annual Report for FY 2006)

Palingates points out Sarah Palin's record when it comes to women's issues.
David Letterman has been a prolific contributor to many causes
Anonymous 15 June 2009 20:04
David Letterman is the president and primary contributor to American Foundation for Courtesy and Grooming. This unlike name is the name of his foundation which has donated nearly $2.5 million dollars in a four year total to a number of organizations. Below is just a partial list of some of the causes that Letterman has supported (to be compared with Sarah Palin's record, above):
Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation
Special Olympics of Indian
Marion County Children's Gaurdian Home
Indiana School for the Deaf
Riley Children's Foundation
University of Indianapolis Center for Aging and Community
Choteau Youth Special Olympics, in Montana and Montana Special Olympics
Michael J. Fox Foundation
Larry King Cardiac Foundation
Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp (for disabled children)
Breast Cancer Foundation
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Doctors without Borders
The actual list is 2 full pages long!

'game changer' for North Slope gas pipeline

Is that the "iceberg" the Alaska Report mentions?
Rumor Central: Big story still heading towards the S.S. Palin
A deal-breaker is heading toward the Palins. Can it be stopped? I don't think so. Will it topple the house of cards, all signs say yes. Stay tuned...
What say The Immoral Minority about icebergs now?

Updates: Palin’s “Hungry Markets” Not So Hungry.
messages from gov
Kenai Peninsula tomorrow (6/16/09) twit

Sarah Palin's sensitivities are a little strange:
Palin is LOSING IT--A legal battle with Houston (Texas) Crack Hos?

She started the Letterman kerfuffle in a Sean Hannity performance. Her problem at that time was the joke about makeup from Bloomingdale's

The joke: "Bought makeup from Bloomingdale's to update her 'slutty flight attendant' look."

Who cares? Sarah Palin, John Ziegler, Fox News and Sean Hannity.
Palin responded to the comment saying, "What a commentary there ... That’s pretty pathetic, good ol' David Letterman." She spoke on John Ziegler's radio show Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles. She added that she had not visited Bloomingdale's and concluded, "Slow news day, evidently."
By no means was that the end of the Letterman kerfuffle, it has been morphing ever since Hannity and is now the best fund raising ploy she has. Sarah is asking people to "rise up" and who would that be? The bold that claim "grass roots" and have bonded in tea bags. Look who wants Letterman fired, the national tea party organizer Michael Patrick Leahy. (FACEBOOK) photo > > > > >
Sarah's Wasilla Teabagger Picnic . Sarah Palin did attend and was photographed. Her gang at conservatives4palin have the images.

The Palin charisma has infected Texas as well. Russell Korman, owner of Russell Korman's Fine Jewelry & Watches, filed a complaint Thursday with the Federal Communications Commission. Speaking about Letterman he said "I really think it was intent to hurt a public figure by going through their children." He thinks?

Sarah Palin plays feminist.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


WAIT, WAIT ... Here's real proof that hell has frozen over. During the big Letterman-Sarah flap, Levi Johnston was in Los Angeles, a petted and pampered guest at a women's empowerment group event.
Ear is not making this up. It's called Go Girl Worldwide and is run by an actress wannabe named Jennifer Murphy, who also offered Levi a role in an unspecified upcoming movie.

P.I./bodyguard Tank Jones went with him. He got offered a movie gig too.

(See for the tape. And if you go to and click around for a while, you'll find pictures of Levi, Tank and babes).

Meanwhile, Anchorage attorney Rex Butler, the Svengali behind this whole "Being Levi Johnston" phenom, said his client has two book offers and two reality show offers under discussion. One of them is a reality hunting show.

From Sarah Palin's warm and fuzzy Anchorage Daily News
Alaska Ear The divine appendage

Who is Jennifer Murphy?

Jun 11, 2009 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Levi Johnston Headed to Hollywood
June 13th, 2009 Levi Johnston on David Letterman

Finally a Voice of Sanity…from Wasilla!

Who's the Mexican? YOU Decide!

6-14 09 Things You Didn't Know: Levi Johnston Is "Half-Mexican," Possibly Fatherless

UNIQUE! Go Girl Worldwide T-Shirt Worn by Levi Johnston
One-of-a-kind Item worn on 6/12 Extra with Mario Lopez!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is it Bristol, Mercede, Willow or ?????

What was David Letterman thinking? He wouldn't be the first or last to get the girls mixed up. He did say "knocked up." A clear reference to Bristol.

"Sarah and Todd Palin React to Letterman Bashing"
Todd went too far calling it a joke about "raping his 14-year-old daughter", where's his mind?
"And is it not a comedy show, where stars are lampooned?"

Sarah said the point of her trip was to attend an Autistic charity event? She gave a 3 minute speech and participated in a walk. That was fine, but hardly the point of her trip. It was more like the point of sister Heather's trip, who gets the short end of it. Poor Heather, autism and sister are in Sarah's shadow.

Where are the Palins now? Alaska?
'Houston, we have a problem'
Why are they taking on a comedian now?
Letterman beats NBC's 'Tonight Show'

update: Zeigler and Letterman respond.
MSNBC confuses Bristol and babies 5:32 AM Thursday, June 11, 2009
6:55 AM January 11, 2009
MSNBC mixed up about Palin/Johnston babies
Discussion of David Letterman, Sarah Palin, and Bristol Palin, on Morning Joe today.
It was Judy Giuliani at Yankee Stadium with the Palins, not Bristol or Willow? What next?

The following images were all mislabeled on blogs and in the media. It is not unusual for Bristol Palin to be mistaken for others. It happens often with her sister, Willow. Unlike the ones of Mercede those images aren't as easy to find now.
mistaken identity: a Palin wedding

These images all were said to be of Bristol.

Dallas, Texas 6-10-09: Gov Sarah Palin

Photo: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin celebrates a landmark agreement between TransCanada and ExxonMobil to partner together in building Alaska’s natural gas pipeline – the largest and most complex construction project in North America. Governor Palin, center, is joined by (left to right) Marty Massey, Joint interest Manager for Exxon Mobil; Alaska Department of Natural Resources Deputy Commissioner Marty Rutherford; Rich Krueger, President of Exxon Mobil Production Company; Hal Kvisle, President and CEO of TransCanada Corporation; and Dennis McConaghy, Executive Vice-President of Pipeline Strategy and Development.

June 11, 2009, Dallas, Texas - TransCanada Corporation and ExxonMobil announced today they have reached terms on a gas pipeline development agreement. TransCanada and ExxonMobil have agreed to work together to progress the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA) Gas Pipeline Project.

AGIA was created as a commercial vehicle for advancing the Alaska gas pipeline project through the first stages of development of what will be the largest private energy project in the world. "In a volatile world with growing energy needs, the time is now to develop Alaska's valuable resource for the environment, economy and national security,” Governor Palin said. She further described this historic announcement as “very encouraging and exciting, but certainly no surprise, because AGIA was crafted to allow just this type of commercial alignment to take place.”

For the State of Alaska and Alaskans, the owners of the North Slope’s world-class hydrocarbon resources, this event represents progress on this long lead-time project. Once construction begins, Alaska will experience economic growth not seen in over a generation, including potentially thousands of jobs created through construction of an open-access pipeline, as well as significant revenues generated from the production and sale of the gas.
A photo from Wednesday’s meeting in Dallas can be found at:

Andrew Halcro: June 8: AGIA - Signed, Sealed and Delivered
Progressive Alaska: "Hail Mary"
Palingates: BIG OIL
FAQ about AGIA

"Cut His Mic"

At home with Sarah Palin
MSNBC's Contessa Brewer on Wednesday hosted John Ziegler, documentary filmmaker and professional Sarah Palin-supporter, for another one of those vertiginous interviews that have become Ziegler's stock in trade.

Serving as the news peg for this one was a comedy bit from David Letterman that made fun of Sarah Palin, at times rather viciously. Of course, the problem with interviewing John Ziegler about anything, is that pretty soon, the subject of conversation becomes John Ziegler.

And this interview was no different. Basically, it's five minutes of Contessa Brewer attempting to ask questions and Ziegler responding with tangentially-related anti-MSNBC agitprop. Ziegler led off the interview by referring to MSNBC as "Barack Obama's official network," grousing about how the topic of the interview wasn't Keith Olbermann, answering questions glancingly and with subtle digs, and, OF COURSE, making sure to plug his website and movie. Brewer played her part by being miffed and appalled right up until the moment where she calls a halt to the discussion and asks for Ziegler's mike to be cut.

One of the substantive points that Brewer brings up is the fact that a new Gallup poll indicates that Palin doesn't rate among self-identified Republicans as any sort of party leader. Ziegler blamed MSNBC for that: "You find this surprising or shocking that because you and the media portray Republicans as old white men, that the public perceives Republicans as old white men?" Yes. The perception that the GOP was filled with old, white men was invented by the media, in 2009, to hurt Sarah Palin's electoral chances. Truly, a cunning bit of subterfuge.

UPDATE: Media Putz of the Week 6/17/2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hilarious video from Patrick's twitter!

I can't get it to embed but you can watch it here:
Jason Jones dishes on the reaction to his report from Wasilla, Alaska

Whassup with Wasilla's abstinence-only...

UPDATE: Albany Fallout: Non-Profits

...while the arctic cats are away?

One can only imagine what a taste of freedom would be like for Bristol Palin. Or is a Bernie Kerik security detail watching over her and the babies? Can she leave the fortress, use her cell phone or be on a computer unsupervised? How would she handle a baby and a toddler on her own? Hmmm.... we've heard the snowboard enthusiast and the once dumped for Levi, Johnny Chandler, is cleaning up his act. Is there anything to rekindle? Levi is not only on the market again, he and Bristol were flirt texting last April. Is he still on Sarah's make nice list? Is he able to see Tripp? ( Update: June 11 through 17, 2009 )
(Wasilla party photos below)
Why does it matter? IT MATTERS! Secrets are poison. It matters b/c someone is hiding something and a million more reasons. It matters b/c people aren't seeing the entire picture, hearing the whole story and myths are being spun.

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” George Santayana

That "history" includes our own little personal experiences. Wasilla has those long cold winters, what to do? Drinking is an important past time in the culture. As mayor, Palin kept the bars opened until early morning, to keep the peeps of "Silla" happy. The current mayor carries on the tradition. It's expensive, it taxes law enforcement and it's hell to pay on those long nights going into early morning when the night peeps are out "relaxing" with booze, drunk driving or finding more trouble. Wasillians want their bars open late and the local authority is on board for the ride.

For a teen shut in, it may not be the bars, there is camping and partying. They are learning from the culture and frequent unsupervised activities. Left on their own, what do they do? An 18 year old can only play so much bingo. How tempting is the old life for Bristol?
Palin's Deceptions MySpace: bristolfinalpdf.pdf

National Enquirer news about "Sarah Palin's Druggy, Drunken Family"
courtrecords.alaska 1:48 PM

More recent is Diana Palin who was lucky enough not to be charged for taking her 4 year old on a robbery.

Track Palin is also legendary.

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Yes, there are consequences
RIP Tyree

Teen scenes of Wasilla

AKStuart9months ago( from June 2009) Went to school with the daughter in question for a few months, before they moved from Juneau to Anchorage.Word on the street was that she snorted diet pills and smoked other such things. I'm pretty sure she did a lot of other things, too.This pregnancy rumor has been popping up a lot in our school (well, at least until I graduated last year.) I wouldn't doubt it, either.


Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia Entry Get’s Overhaul...We have the Original
Things that make you go HMMMMMM… June 4, 2009 1:37 PM

The John McCain scrubbers had to see these teen images and the thousands of others of small town Wasilla while helping Palin's family clean up. These are tame and not the sexy ones. They didn't question why this was never addressed while she was mayor of tiny little Wasilla? She is also close with the expert
Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson.

The Johnstons computer was scrubbed and there has been too much purged to go into here. Suffice it to say there are peeps that don't want reality told. Several Wasilla blogs have been captured and go back several years. The posters, now adults, are very proud and satisfied with these memories. They bond with and treasure this lifestyle. The residents of Wasilla who aren't into this scene, don't talk.
Wasilla, Alaska population Est. 2007 9,780
Wasilla High School
Wasilla High lacks sex ed