Monday, August 17, 2009

Arctic Cats

--remember her "bribes?"

Sarah Palin has until midnight to disclose all of this (APOC deadline) information...and let's remember, it was ORIGINALLY DUE ON MARCH 16TH...when EVERY OTHER ALASKA PUBLIC OFFICIAL who was required to do so turned in their Financial Disclosure form! She's been given a serious five-month grace-period!

We'll see if she complies today.
Celtic Diva

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  1. Cute "What Does a VP DO?" parody...except of course, for the newspaper. Everyone knows that Sarah doesn't read.

    Some more likely scenarios:

    On the phone trying to find out where Wild Child Willow is

    On her Blackberry to see for the first time what she supposedly "wrote" on Facebook today

    Calling Meg/Todd/Her Dad/Newt/Levi to whine that her intelligence has been misunderestimated

    Holding trig face out as usual, so every can see he's Special! Needs!

  2. I think I'll go with the whine and being misunderestimated

    Willow is probably out of sight in a Jesus camps.
    The bandages are keeping her from the Blackberry.
    She only holds Trig for the cameras.