Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mercede Johnston

In brief
By Brendan Joel Kelley | Anchorage Press
On the heels of the blog report from The Immoral Minority that ex-Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd are divorcing—which earned the blogger, Gryphen, a pissy letter from Palin attorney Thomas Van Flein, declaring it a malicious lie—both Levi Johnston and his sister Mercede are telling the tabloids that the rumor’s true.

On Monday Levi told (owned by the same company, American Media, as the National Enquirer) that Sarah and Todd had problems “from day one,” and that he definitely thought their marital woes were a contributing factor to Sarah abdicating her governorship. Wednesday, Mercede Johnston threw her two cents in, in an interview with Star magazine (also owned by American Media). “Sarah and Todd are fighting all the time,” Mercede told Star. She also said Todd was often sleeping on the couch, and that Bristol told Levi they’d fight over things like taking out the trash and washing dishes. Mercede called the Palins’ marriage “a sham for the cameras.”

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