Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sarah Palin breakdown #19

What kind of breakdown would Sarah Palin do?

She is in über isolation and is not exposed to any media. How else can she stay away from her BlackBerry tweets?

Is this latest MIA part of the reprogramming? NAILINPALINNOW wrote an amazing article HERE. Excellent research on Scientology, John P. Coale and political ambition. Is it possible she is going through rigors of that magnitude? Will the job include surgery? What is the process for someone that exhibited signs of a public meltdown? Where was the last sighting? Does anyone know when she left Wasilla?

There is no twitter world for Sarah, after all the build up and excitement. There is no twitter world and the hope that there will ever be one is dim. She was like a child anticipating Christmas. Except it wasn't Christmas, it was when she would be free to tweet without the worry of being politically correct. "Why? Why? Why? No tweets?" Is the secret cry that can be heard throughout the sea of Sarah fiefdom. It defies logic that she turns her back on her loyalist$.

The Palinistas are acting strange as well. She has let them down and they have no clue. It is not in their program it seems. They are happy (delusional) she isn't actually there but speaks through an unknown voice they call notes.

On another note. Here is the introduction to 13 Ghosts. Notice the cryptic message at about :25
(code for don't ask, don't tell ghostwriters).

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