Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ivy Frye "ethics filer mcleod 'jumped' gov palin

Patrick @ Palin's Deceptions found an interesting tweet from *Ivy Frye's twitter (How Do You Interpret Ivy's Latest Twitter?).
I have no clue what she meant by "jumped." It does seem she is working to smear (soon former) gov Palin's constituent, Andrée McLeod. Considering who *Ivy (contempt of court) Frye is and her place in politics, this twit makes for curious and curiouser. Further digging into what "gop convent last yr-- a wk b4 trig was born!" here.

A few *Ivy Frye cryptic twits for July:
  • @C4P ethics filer mcleod "jumped" gov palin @ gop convent last yr-- a wk b4 trig was born! i distracted mcleod so gov could get to her suv.
  • Having been there, I was genuinely scared for Gov Palin when friv ethics filer andree mcleod stalked events/camped out in office
(RIGHT>AP Photo/Al Grillo*Ivy Frye, a member of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's staff, reacts in the home of Chuck and Sally Heath, Palin's parents, in Wasilla, Alaska, as Sen. John McCain announces the Alaska governor as his his running mate and choice for vice president Friday Aug. 29.2008.
More *Ivy Frye:
The resolution names Todd Palin, the governor’s husband, Randy Ruaro, Palin’s deputy chief of staff, and *Ivy Frye, another staff member, as having failed to appear in response to subpoenas.
Palin staff members Annette Kreitzer, Dianne Kiesel, Nicki Neal, Brad Thompson, Michael Nizich, Kris Perry and Janice Mason were named as having agreed through an attorney to appear without subpoenas being served, but did not.
Attorney Thomas Van Flein, who represented Todd Palin, contends that his client went through the proper channels in objecting to the subpoenas before finally complying with a written statement.

*Ivy “Stop blogging. Stop blogging right now!” Frye

Good idea for Frye to tell boss “Stop twittering. Stop twittering right now!”
Ivy Frye Answers to Interrogatories
Description of FOIA Request

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--Ivy Frye was known as Palin's overpaid babysitter
It is not going away.....
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Ivy Frye, dedicated State of Alaska staff baby sitter
More Fryegate: 30-something Palin babysitter/shopper Ivy Frye was dating 65-yer-old AP writer Steve Quinn. When the AP found out they shipped his butt out of Alaska. 12:08 PM

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  1. I fear for you criminals who are filing false ethics complaints. You need all to be tossed in jail.