Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sarah Palin's Dirty Little Secrets

Is it any wonder why she won't come out from behind the SarahPAC social networking site known as Facebook? ( Mark Zuckerberg) Who does write her material? Words like "death panel" provoke, they aren't about not being politically correct! They have another purpose. You betcha she handles the latest propaganda boo boo by backpedaling around the "death panel" zinger. To hear her tell it she "reduced Medicaid backlog 83% in 2 years." At the same time other Republicans are calling out their number one prevaricator.
Lisa Murkowski: Don't tell lies about the health-care reform bill
None of that is ending the misinformation campaign or stopping scared misdirected angry elders. (VIDEO)
Keith Olbermann and Shannyn Moore tell it like it is.

Where did Sarah Palin come up with the idea that a government official would help kill citizens with death panels? It is not in the health reform bill any where, so she must have gotten the idea from some where, could it be because she has had first hand experience? Sanity Rant
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Sarah Palin's policies killed old people and her dangerous irresponsibility

photo: dirty little secrets... part one...


  1. Excuse me. The Healthcare Bill that nobody was able to read, shows that bureaucrats will make decisions about spending more money to keep a patient alive. If that is not a death panel, then what is?

  2. And then there are always the brain-dead morons like yourself. The mouth piece for ignorant, parasitic, anti-American, liberals and democrats. The democrat criminal party will be dead soon ... soon, no more criminals to vote you in. Americans will stop this attack on voter ID.