Friday, August 14, 2009

How many ghostwriters does it take to twitter SarahPalinusa?

The Era of the New Sarah Palin Twitter is Finally Upon Us
CNN says that unemployed fake Facebook blogger Sarah Palin has finally set up the new "less politically correct" Twitter account she promised us all weeks ago. Her new username? SarahPalinUSA, of course! A must-follow if there ever was one. [@SarahPalinUSA as of August 14, 2009 4:38PM ALL Sarah Palin knows about everything... EMPTY]
7:25 am Monday 8/17/09...EMPTY Sarah Palin, you're not funny anymore

If there is a living breathing Sarah Palin, when will she find some time for the children.
Wasilla teens need attention.

I don't buy into the Palin undisclosed location gig at all. She quit existing until she can show what's in her head at a few dozen Town Hall meetings. Discussions beyond her Fox News or Eddie Burke radio mentality would help. The name she sold out is still around for comics and others to have some fun. The rest of her is gone. If she actually has ghostwriters work a Twitter account that will be obvious and the final nail!


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