Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sarah and Todd, the marriage is swell

and there is merely a minor clean up on isle nine.
Sarah Palin is in the Wasilla area and may debut in Anchorage on Thursday with a wedding ring.

There are indications that:
Sarah Palin is about to come out of hiding?
Palingates: Will Sarah Palin show up?

What's a little negligence with ineptitude beyond the norm?

Gryphen has more to say HERE

Politico: Palin and Huckabee’s groups have opted to report semi-annually

What I really want to know:
has Sarah Palin started to tweet AS PROMISED?

Her Pac team has been working on a face lift for Facebook. There is nothing like a note from the FEC. Her excessive photos have been removed. They have one up so far. No more tabloid baby for Sarah? Business baby?
SarahPac is ALL ABOUT MONEY, a new donation tab makes sense.
Update: 8/25/09 Added 50 minutes ago

"Messages left at SarahPAC were not returned


  1. These are the events that La Palin the Repub Diva has blown off so far:

    Eagle Forum Pro Life Event - 9/08
    Republican Fundraiser in Orange County - 9/26/08
    Co-host of Rep Govs Ass Dinner w/ Mark Sanford - 5/8/09 (probably a good idea to blow of this one, in retrospect)
    White House Correspondents Dinner - 5/9/09
    Conservative Political Action Conference - 6/8/09
    Simi Valley Rep Women Ronald Reagan Library Gala - 8/8/09

    There's only a 50/50 chance she'll show up to this one 'cause its got an 8 in the date 8/27/09 - but its probably attractive to La Palin because there won't be any big Repub brass there to upstage her.

    Background links to the events above and the "news" of Palin blowing them off are at nailinpalinnow under the Palin Detox Post.

  2. Oh God, I LOVE that picture!

    I may have to borrow it sometime.

  3. Actually I doubt that she will show up.
    First of all, Star is a BLACK woman and Sarah is a walking talking 1st order racist ever since she lost that pageant to a black woman.
    Second, Star had FOUR abortions before she decided against choice for other women.

    Will Sarah share the stage with a black woman? Will Sarah share the stage with a woman who had 4 abortions?
    Will Sarah share the stage?

  4. Helen

    I go back and forth on the show or no show. I am leaning toward she will go. The event is cloistered enough for a shut in, it panders to her supporters.


    Please do... Mi casa su casa!
    It was from the 08 repub campaign era as far as I could tell. A picture worth a thousand words for sure.


    hmmmm... they may have promised her a photo op she couldn't refuse. She is the first to sign a petition that will keep incest victims silent and in a life of misery. How can she pass that up? With her own camera man, final control over the negatives, air brushing and she has final say on what can be released, she can look the perfect product.

    Will Sarah share the stage?
    SarahPac wants donations. The look of diversity has it's benefits. I'm thinking Star is a money shot for them. They could do a number where they pass and are only on stage together for a brief photo. You've seen the Motivation Truth by Adrienne Ross?

    We do know she is full of surprises. We'll find out what she is up to soon!


  5. There were several calls for a Palin betting pool so I did what I could : )

    You Demanded A Betting Pool – Will Palin Show? Or Blow? http://nailinpalinnow.blogspot.com/