Sunday, October 11, 2009

The video: Old senile dude admits to Sarah Palin tension

McCain Admits Tensions Over Palin Among Former Staff (VIDEO) HuffingtonPost
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) demurred once again when asked to divine the kind of candidate for president his former running mate, Sarah Palin, could be in 2012.

"I have a degree of clairvoyance," the Arizona Republican said, "but in 2009 to predict what would happen in the 2012 election is -- I'm not capable of."

Friday, October 9, 2009

Track Palin returns again

How is Track Palin doing? By Tim Lindell
In comments the other day, Alex Raye asked "I wonder how Track Palin is doing?" This got me curious about how Private First Class Palin's unit is faring in Iraq, especially since Saturday was the day of Iraqi provincial elections. So I hope you all don't mind if I do a little bit of milblogging on this normally political blog. February 1, 2009

Lindell writes about Track's unit and his mother.
Track was home last month. Track Palin to Return Home This Weekend
by Ron Devito on September 18, 2009

Track is among the lucky, not all veterans have a home to return to.

More female veterans are winding up homeless

This is rarely mentioned: Military Prescribing Massive Amounts of Pain Medication; Punishes Those Who Become Dependent
The treatment of many of Track's peers is one of the biggest failures of the military and addiction is rampant. It is a tragic never ending problem.
Troops reportedly popping more painkillers
Narcotic pain-relief prescriptions for injured U.S. troops have jumped from 30,000 a month to 50,000 since the Iraq war began, raising concerns about the drugs' potential abuse and addiction, says a leading Army pain expert.

The sharp rise in outpatient prescriptions paid for by the government suggests doctors rely too heavily on narcotics, says Army Col. Chester "Trip" Buckenmaier III, of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.

Numerous heartbreaking struggles are playing out across the country.
More than a year later, they still don't know if the medication their loved ones were taking for post-traumatic stress disorder contributed to their deaths.
Three other West Virginia servicemen have died in their sleep while undergoing PTSD treatment after returning from Iraq.

The Palin's have secrets and confusion surrounding birthdates, it is a little mysterious when Track was born and identification of parents is an issue with the Palins. As far as I can tell Track is now 20 years old. We think Todd is his father. It is questionable due to the lack of truth telling. Todd. ||
Track Palin birthday: Sarah Palin’s son conceived out of wedlock?
There is a rumor on Track Palin’s birthday. Sarah Heath eloped with Todd Palin on August 29, 1988. An old traffic offence record from a speeding ticket on Track CJ Palin stated his birthdate as April 20 1989.
Track prefers not to be forthright about his politics. It was mentioned he is not a Republican, he may follow Todd's thinking when it comes to party affiliations. What is he fighting for?
Another result of war: Violence by GIs at Home Tied to Combat

Our very own local (Anchorage, Alaska) talking heads discussing reports that Track Palin, son of VP nominee Sarah Palin was involved in a vandalism drinking spree in which (if true) he cut the brake lines to a number of school buses. TRACK PALIN .... VIDEO
Gryphen: The Immoral Minority: Sarah Palin finally emerges from seclusion
Bree Palin: Sarah Palin, Troop Mom
Levi's Brisbane Australia review: " this month’s Vanity Fair. I have to say, his first-person rundown is gallantly balanced and measured."

Thursday, October 8, 2009

E-mail? Alaska, get crackin'!

Long wait continues for Palin e-mails
RECORDS: State says it's overwhelmed, but critics cry foul.

Public records requests made more than a year ago for Sarah Palin's e-mails still haven't been filled by the state, and the Alaska Democratic Party chairwoman alleges it's an attempt to bury the past.

"I think they're hiding something, I think this is a travesty of justice,"
state Democratic Party Chairwoman Patti Higgins said Wednesday.
"The law says they have 10 days to do it."

Public records in Alaska are generally supposed to be provided within 10 days, although the state can extend the deadline for more complicated requests.

This is a travesty of justice.
The state can't work out a way to release them in increments?
If they are in cahoots with her, they would delay and obstruct. She makes everybody look bad and the details will be the kiss of death for some. The people can't find a way to file a class action suit against the state and rogue quitter (who earned no benefits) gov ? It is a crime what all they are doing.

ADN excerpt:
In the request, Higgins sought Palin's schedules and calendars between Jan. 1, 2007, and Sept. 15, 2008. The Democrats also sought various categories of e-mails for about the same time period, including:

• All e-mails between Palin and state Rep. John Coghill, R-North Pole, or between Palin and state Sen. Fred Dyson, R-Eagle River, with the words "abortion" or "AGIA," which is short for the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act.

• All e-mails from Palin containing the following words: babysitter, childcare, McCain, Obama, Democrat, Huckabee, Wal-Mart, Eskimo, Natives, Kuwait, passport, Ruedrich or Kopp.

• All e-mails between Palin and her husband, Todd, with any of the following words: vote, veto, budget, oil, Monegan or Wooten.

• All e-mails between Palin and her sister, Molly McCann, with the words Wooten or Monegan (referring to figures connected with the so-called "Troopergate" affair.)

Another of the pending requests is by Anchorage activist Andree McLeod, who made a request on Oct. 1, 2008, for all of Sarah and Todd Palin's e-mails concerning official business for the previous two years. McLeod reacted to the latest extension by writing state officials Wednesday that

"it now seems Governor Parnell needs to keep Alaskans in the dark."

Jones said "we continue to work hard" to complete review of the records requests"
October 7th, 2009 09:00 PM

Gryphen: "Palin's only defense seems to be hiding behind Facebook, and having her Palin-bots provide cover, until everybody hopefully gets tired of trying to hold her accountable for her actions."

The Anchorage Daily News covers Palin?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Likeable Levi

I’ve decided to like Levi Johnston
And if anyone deserves compensation for their contribution
to life,
and for any hardship suffered in the process, it’s him

I think it’s time to start liking folk like him, a boy who shot so spectacularly to fame when he got Sarah Palin’s unwedded 17-year-old daughter Bristol knocked up three days after Palin was announced as McCain’s running mate.
Really, the kid deserves to be adored for simply being the protagonist in such a glorious moment in schadenfreude.
But my fondness goes beyond this.
I’ve just been reading his car-crashy expose of what it was like living with Sarah Palin while he dated Bristol in this month’s Vanity Fair.
I have to say, his first-person rundown is gallantly balanced and measured.
He comes across as a normal hockey-playin’, moose-shootin’ boy with the kind of bogan-a-licious name everyone in Wasilla seems to be christened with (The rest of the cast in this story illustrate the point: Tripp, Trig, Bristol…).
He’s gracious. And naive, even. Not out to sledge and moan. And he doesn’t seem to have a judgmental bone in his body.
Just a kid who couldn’t quite believe that the goose that is Sarah Palin had been planted on a rarified conveyor-belt, one assembly line stop-off from becoming America’s Vice President. Just like the rest of us.
Then again, the facts are salacious enough as they are. Life at Chez Palin during the running mate brouhaha was a carnival of errors and subterfuge.
October 8, 2009 - 8:43AM
read more here

It is about time the Johnstons get more kudos going their way. Just surviving the past year is enough hardship and wrath. You have to hand it to the 19 year old, he didn't shrink and he got out in front of it all. The McCain/Palin machine is massive and won't let up on them, but they haven't stopped Levi.

The latest from the National Enquirer is hard to believe. Here is Gryphen's take:

How does a middle aged woman attack a teen without coming off as a total vindictive obsessed loser? If true, I don't know what further proof would be needed to confirm that Sarah Palin's mind is gone and there will be no coming back. I thought people that petty lived under rocks where no one else would know they existed or they have handlers to protect them from self-destructing.
The no commitment team Sarah has time to delay the book release and rewrite.

I can only dream she left some venom for her adversaries in
the McCain campaign.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Palin ghost finally remembers she reads The Independent as she cheerleads for war

Both Tank Jones and Levi Johnston show more depth and truth in a Wonderful pistachio nut commercial than whoever writes the facebook notes for Palin. However, it was a little funny to read the PAC site ghostwriter mentioned a European newspaper in
"Further Proof of the Need for Energy
Independence." Will Katie Couric ever get the memo?

Not since the Jewish High Holiday has the ghost of Palin had anything to say. Until today, and now someone is pushing on the site set up for Sarah Palin a
"We Must Win in Afghanistan."

The PAC site has a following, probably from a factory in rural China. It pays to have friends with friends in the inner sanctum of communist China.

The video of Tank and Levi is refreshing and puts a big ol' smile on your face!


FOREVER: John McCain and Sarah Palin

Bad boy Chris Cillizza has Palin supporters questioning his sanity. Good for him.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham are the most prominent GOP critics of the far right. hmmm...

Give losers like McCain Hell!!!! McCain is trying to backpedal without first purging his participation in bringing a far right nut case into his candidacy. He went for the lowest common denominator and he failed.
Continuing to support the embracing and exultation of one of the craziest on far right while at the same time he is a prominent GOP critic of same makes him crazier than ever.
The best antidote is the truth

Not that he is man enough, but he must give it up and come clean in order to make sense. McCain has been a bad boy since the beginning, he learned the art of cover up early in life. By the time he married into a local mafia family he was good to go with the fine art of political manipulation. Not everyone could have skated through the Keating Five thievery like the old rascal did. And who better to abuse the families of fellow POW soldiers? He is not worthy of his government positions/benefits and he needs to learn he is not fooling as many people now. Are the elections in Arizona rigged or are the voters nuts?

The GOP is starting their 2012 campaign positioning.
Neoconservative moderate v far right extremist? Even a "moderate" like Pawlenty will go rogue.

Read more about the party of old farts and dinosaurs:

The Palin Wars: Part LXII
Chris Cillizza October 5, 2009
All of the attention that Schmidt's comments have attracted is yet more evidence of the fact that Palin is a -- if not the -- prime mover in the Republican party. If she does ultimately run for president (and there are strong arguments to be made on each side), it's almost certain the race would boil down to Palin and a single candidate -- former Gov. Mitt Romney (Mass.), Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty* etc -- who would become the rallying point for the anti-Palin forces.
Until then, the forces who support her and those that oppose her will continue to reinforce their positions -- a process that could turn the 2012 presidential nominating fight into one of the most memorable in history.
( February 2008 the impossibility video: Cillizza and Palin go way back h/t midnightcajun )

Joe Scarborough Shows Yet Again Why He Could Be President Someday

*'Moderate' Tim Pawlenty Hires A 'Boatload' of GOP Dirty Tricksters to Run His PAC
Via Raw Story, Rachel Maddow points out that in a move to make himself the Republican presidential candidate in 2012, the so-called "sane, centrist, future of the Republican Party" Tim "Fear the Mullet" Pawlenty is putting together the usual assortment of Republican scum to run his political PAC:

For Pete sake, keep writing your politicians and the journalists
that are suppose to be covering them.

Clue them in on what you really want to know and why.

What is it that could affect 2012? Attorney Rex Butler speaks about a Levi Johnston book:
* “probably worth millions.”
* “doesn’t want to give it all away right now,”
* “Quite frankly, I think it could affect 2012,”
* Mr. Butler likes to suggest that Mr. Johnston’s story could have an impact on her potential candidacy.
He certainly wants to write a book, the lawyer, Rex Butler, said by telephone, adding,
“Believe me, it’s a hell of a story.”

You can see for yourself exactly how Sarah Palin was when she said she was tight ab at 32 weeks pregnant. If that photo makes sense to you, please explain. If not, show everyone the compounding evidence and keep asking questions.

Bree Palin has the best documented photo comparisons. That is a start, but not all there is.
Elan Frank Interviews Sarah Palin-April 2008 part 1
Elan Frank interviews Sarah Palin-April 2008 part 2

Monday, October 5, 2009

Give 'em Hell!!!!

I had a very interesting tête-à-tête last week that I thought I'd share. As you may have guessed, I'm on the email distro lists for all the major Sunday shows and cable news networks, and I get email notifications for who the scheduled guests will be as well as transcripts, p.r. pieces and the like. Last week, when ABC sent me an email that John McCain was going to be their guest again, I sent back a snarky reply asking if they ever had John Kerry on after he lost the election to George Bush as often as they've had McCain, and why, when there are so many actual issues about which the public needs to be informed, they gave so much air time to GOP obstructionism.

Read the entire piece here: About That Media Notion of "Balance"...
By Nicole Belle Sunday Oct 04, 2009

Funnily enough, the producer didn't really have much response to that, simply thanking me for the input. Honestly, I wasn't really happy with the dismissive little pat on the head from the Villager who thought that little blogger me couldn't understand why McCain was a reasonable booking. So I thought I'd give him a suggestion as to real balance:
Here is a segment I would LOVE to see you do with Sen. McCain: why don't you invite my colleague, David Neiwert, author of The The Eliminationists, on to discuss how the violent rhetoric that used to be relegated to the fringes of the Republican Party which has been mainstreamed since Obama's election and let Sen McCain respond to that? After all, he is the one who brought Sarah Palin to the national stage (and as I recall, actually said on your program that Palin was his "soul mate" after having only had one phone conversation and a short meeting with her before asking her on the ticket) and there is no other politician who has tapped so proficiently into that zeitgeist. I think it would be beneficial for Americans to hear someone of Sen. McCain's gravitas and stature disavow the kind of violent and racist rhetoric we've all seen. I'm more than happy to provide you with contact information for Mr. Neiwert if you are so inclined.

But if you're not interested in putting Sen. McCain on the spot, perhaps next time you do a show on the problems we're facing in Afghanistan, the "balance" you seek would be better achieved by putting on a politician who favors withdrawal, like Rep. Alan Grayson, instead of two hawks who will both say that the most important thing is "winning" in Afghanistan without actually explaining what "winning" means or how we can achieve it militarily. Where's the balance in that for your viewers?
Are you surprised that he had no response to that?

"Don't even call it corporate media, much less mainstream media any more. Call it corporation television, tv of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation." comment

Celebrating Slaughter: War and Collective Amnesia
Oct 5, 2009 By Chris Hedges

Déjà vu:

Levi Johnston, Lori Tipton And Their “Business” at Mat-Su Hospital –
And What Rex Butler Doesn’t Want To Go On the Record With…

Sunday, 20 September 2009
"Ice Crystals": Tori Tipton and the Mat-Su Valley

The losers who gave us Sarah Palin

The GOP operatives who championed her should be held accountable for endangering the country
By Joe Conason July 10, 2009