Thursday, August 20, 2009

Todd and Sarah Palin's Radical Agenda

"Saving the Constitution: unbeknownst to most people, ten years ago the United States nearly had its Constitution rewritten under the guise of bringing the federal government to heel") published in the September 19, 2005 issue of American Opinion Magazine. American Opinion was the official publication of the John Birch Society.
BAG Archive Edition: Early Signs Of Sarah Palin's Radical Agenda?

July 4, 2009
McCain Adviser, Rick Davis, Lied About FBI Vetting Palin
McCain Adviser, Rick Davis, told the Washington Post at the end of August, 2008, that Palin had been fully vetted, including, he claimed, a background check by the FBI. Days later it was revealed, not by Davis or McCain, but by the FBI, that Davis had in fact, lied.

The losers who gave us Sarah Palin

Did McCain Tamper with the DEA?

As CBS News reported Wednesday: feud

Exclusive: Spat Over Todd Palin's Membership In Secessionist Party Was Major Distraction On Critical Day In '08 Campaign

1:45 minute VIDEO: Alaska Secessionist AIP, Sarah, Todd Palin & the Republican Party


  1. I have been following the story about Cindy McCain because here in Alaska they arrest nurses who take drugs from the lockup. But, not all of the nurses who divert, only those they have issues with. The nurses usually have PTSD from workplace bullying or some other issue going on. PTSD often results in suicide or substance abuse. It is a job causing illness, yet they are treated like criminals. I am so sick of people in our government thinking they are special and the rules do not apply to them. In most states there is compassion for addiction. Alaska is somewhere between 1950s and 1970s depending on the subject. But, the reason he covered it up was to protect his own career. We have the Sherry Johnston case here. A woman who was on disability and her husband had left her. She was reluctant to sell the pills, but got talked into it. She needed money. There are a lot of elderly in this country selling their meds to buy food. Clearly there was some Palin influence in her arrest.

  2. Celia Harrison

    What happened to Cindy McCain interests me as well. The fact that her husband's position made such an unfair difference. He got by with so much before that it became an entitlement for someone like him. Add to that Sarah Palin comes his way and look at all that followed. WOW! If ever there were people who need to be locked up.

    Alaska does look to be somewhere between 1950s and 1970s in some regards. I am in an alleged more progressive modern era. It is not always so when it comes to the law and substance abuse, however. Mandatory sentencing is nuts and serves no reasonable purpose. The prison system is big business. Neither are healthy for our society.

    I always like what you have to say. Your story is so important and you are an inspiration to those who are struggling with their own experiences.