Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sarah Palin's former staff has a book to shop

That will be a good one!

The Alaskan Report:
"Former Palin staffer shopping book"
Diva moments, when Palin actually first heard from John McCain, and how Palin believes she's "the chosen one." We'll post what we can when we get it.

Sarah Palin's silence on affair deafening
Palin lawyer threatens to serve papers at kindergarten, then balks
Todd and Sarah Palin to divorce

I can only find lyrics to So Little Time. Which first came to mind since I can't seem to catch up on all the latest blog feasts. There is a video for A Time For Us, come to think of it that's apropos in a Romeo and Juliet way. There are a few love stories in these twisted tales of Wasilla.

Beside that I'm a feelin' that love thing! Friend of bloggers everywhere, Gryphen, is standing his ground in a most courageous manner!
He deserves the virtual standing ovation that is going his way

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  1. Agreed! HOORAY!!!

    This former staffer book thing sounds like a bombshell.