Friday, July 10, 2009

Hold them accountable!

"Rarely is anyone in Washington, from politicians to operatives to journalists, held accountable for the damage they inflict on the body politic. Those who banged the drum for disastrous war flit from one editorial page to the next; those who insisted on ruinous deregulation return as economic advisors to the president. The men who told us that Sarah Palin should be next in line of succession to the presidency may quarrel among themselves now, but they will all be back with yet more stupid advice -- and we can only blame ourselves if we listen."
Joe Conason July 10, 2009

  • The poison of celebrity While the ersatz mourning for Michael Jackson was merely annoying, the fame of lightweight Sarah Palin is dangerous
'Sarah from Alaska' McCain-Palin


  1. McGrampy needs to pay for this farce in his reelection bid next year.

  2. John McCain is the one who needs to absorb the blow to his reputation and legacy. He endangered our country (and birthed a dangerous movement) to further his personal ambitions. I supported McCain in his 2000, but I have lost all respect for him over this action. If he truly were a man that put Country First he would have dropped her when he realized how inappropriate a choice she was for VP. That may have been a hit to his campaign, but surely he would have gained some respect and dignity for doing what was right by his country.

  3. You are SO right about this! And one funny thing is we were just talking about thus (boyfriend and I) and then I opened your blog!

    How do you hold them accountable. So far no Democrat is running against MCCain. Just this extremist "minute man"guy that I would never vote for. Maybe Megham McCain will tell all in her book but she won't want to hurt daddy. I used to read her twitters and then I got tired of them. She is kind of like a spoiled valley girl with a gun on her belt.

  4. People need to be informed and know what goes on behind the scenes. McCain has a history with a questionable past. He crashed several planes in the Navy and was always protected by his family status. Not saying he didn't suffer and go through hell at the Hanoi Hilton. He just always had that cover up thing going on. He should be doing time for Keating Five right now. Cindy Hensley McCain was raised as a princess, charity is always big with the mob. Her father was a henchman. When people think of Phoenix, they don't think of the mafia, but it was brutal back in those days. McCain was no saint covering up for her brush with the DEA. I would think most in Arizona know the good and the bad about McCain, yet he is continually voted into office. I don't think he cared much about any lies or corruption they discovered about Palin because they are so accustomed to manipulating and covering up. She was a rock star for them while he was an old man singing "bomb, bomb."

    Politicians don't want to delve too deep into how campaigns work, in the McCain-Palin case it must happen. At least, they did a movie about it on the Clintons. The McCain team was in Alaska and moved in on the Johnstons, as I understand. Including shuddering their computer. I hope they can talk more about that soon. Wasn't it Nicolle Wallace that opened the door at the Johnston house right after the VP announcement? Levi can't give it all away but todays interview with Brendan J. Kelley could be interesting.

    lisabeth said...
    How do you hold them accountable.

    That is the "$64,000" question. I hope there are many like us who are talking about this. It can't be swept under the rug but the powers that be will bury anything they can.

    Hopefully, 'Sarah from Alaska' (CBS writers who wrote about Mc campaign e-mails) will have too many revelations to deny and Levi won't hold back.

    "...they will all be back with yet more stupid advice -- and we can only blame ourselves if we listen."

  5. I agree with your premise, but McCain's wife was not responsible for this craptasm. Pain management is something that our medical establishment refuses to deal with. If you were in a lot of pain you would do anything to stop it. Do hope you don't end up witch a chronic pain condition.