Friday, July 31, 2009

Bristol Palin's New Man? Goodbye Levi Johnston, Hello Johnny Chandler

A quitter family soap opera that will never end...
Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol may no longer be engaged to Levi Johnston, but that doesn't mean she's sulking in sorrow. Bristol, 18, has turned to her ex boyfriend Johnny Chandler for some support - the guy she left to be with Levi! A friend of Bristol's tells the Enquirer: "Johnny feels terrible over what Bristol is going through."
Goodbye Levi Johnston,
Hello Johnny Chandler by Mitch Marconi REDUX: Apr 8, 2009

Johnny Chandler? That's the latest on Bristol. She made no announcement about her Candies Foundation Ambassador position, Candies did not say she resigned. She must be working hard behind the scenes. She is not a quitter, right?
The following pretty much sums up what she leaves us with:
Just curious, what is it about Johnny Chandler? We hear he is a fun guy with a great personality but nothing more that anyone can talk about? These are people that do not want to have their own say? They are as free as Sarah to set the record straight and tell their own stories. Sarah is heading toward the dark side, will they follow her into the abyss?
The world of fiction novels? "Fact or Fiction? Some of Both?"
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Elvis Palin left the building, leaving fans and critics with a swirl of speculation and memories. It must be one of her brilliant ( WTF? ) strategies... like her smooth moves on the ladies at the The Republican Women Federated of Simi Valley for their golden gala 50 year celebration at the Reagan Library ( with
invitations to return! ) She really is moving to the dark side with record speed now. Can she ever recover and maintain a rock star position in a new party or with Todd's old AIP?

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  1. By the way Blow-pop I asked my source about Johnny and was told that they had heard the rumor too, but he could not confirm.

    Doesn't make it wrong, but I could not nail it down.

    I did hear that Levi and Bristol have cooled off quite a bit lately though.