Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meghan McCain to Levi: "Take Care of Your Baby"

Which baby or did she mean "Take care of your babies?"
Tripp, Levi's son with Bristol Palin, will be
9 months old later this month.

Said Meghan, "If I had a child, I would be at
home taking care of it."

Meghan McCain to Levi: "Take Care of Your Baby"

Levi's account suggests that her (Sarah) favorite activity is getting others to do her bidding. And she likes free stuff -- free room service, free clothes, free hotel rooms. Once the campaign ended, Levi says, her motto was,
"I want to just take this money and quit being governor."
And so she has. Sarah's Choice

MIA Sarah has been rumored to be wearing shades in Wasilla, it could be the crow's feet.
Whatever it is, Sarah has a new career, or so they say, and the same old bull.

No one is revealing why the frenetic crazy sudden quitty schreech. No one is telling the whole truth when it comes to the birth of the last two babies born to a Palin. The whole media black out of a Hong Kong secret forum is a bore...because what even is Sarah Palin, at this point? That crazy lady with the weird pregnancy secret is about it.
Meghan McCain ( MySpace )is on the bash Levi team, don't look for candor in her book. ( Cindy's aunt, Jeri Johnson, concerned that Cindy is giving the kids drugs. By 7 Meghan was telling people to fuck off ) She will be making a small fortune as a writer, I say she is one happy Daddy's girl and his reputation trumps the truth.
Hold him accountable!

"Triggybear" series at Sarah's with Johnston family
"Triggybear" (newborn) series April or May 2008
"Triggybear pictures"

The incredible shrinking Trig?

click images to enlarge
sep 1, 2008
hey beautiful hows it going? love the pic of sara and the new member of the family. hows your mom and dad and levi doing? melissa parsons-wilfong

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