Monday, September 7, 2009

Track Palin is a Junky, from the Palin bunch redux

They were right about the John Edwards story and there was not a word from sue happy Palin or her attorney Thomas Van Flein. Sarah Palin has not come close to suing over things like Babygate
or the reports of her three older children partying or drug use.

The vandalism associated with Track Palin is a serious crime that could have resulted in death and injury to Mat-Su Valley school children. One guilty boy's mother, Capi Coon, was also a Palin pal that worked on the McCain/Palin campaign. They appear to cover up for Track.

"The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that Sarah's oldest son, Track, was addicted to the power drug OxyContin for nearly the past two years, snorting it, eating it, smoking it and even injecting it." According to the National Enquirer.
A two year addiction to OxyContin is
not cured by joining the military.
It is a long arduous task to stay on the right track.

After 11 years of sobriety, Adam Goldstein was found with 9 OxyContin pills in his body. Eight undigested pills with the letters “OC” on it, were found in his throat, and another in his mouth.
DJ AM, Adam Goldstein, is another tragic story with a leading part played by Oxy. Goldstein was someone who struggled for years to stay on the right track.

Life or death in Wasilla is like a little slice of Hades where OxyContin drug manufacturers and traffickers rule.
(shhhhhh... don't tell)

Keeping toxic secrets is a no brainer, they will loose. The whole area will pay the price. Each day the lives of the youngest children in the Valley are tainted with signs of foreboding doom. What is obstructing the decent people from making necessary changes? There are discussions about Sarah Palin and the influence of Dominionism. Sarah and her churches, the Wasilla Bible Church, are known for their impact in the town of Wasilla. What is their connection to the explosion of chronic drug abuse in the area? Do they offer a drug and family violence program? Is it a coincidence that Dr.CathyBaldwin-Johnson both delivers Palin babies and is the expert on incest, abuse and drugs? Why did she fail to bring helpful attention to a long time chronic problem?

The following tragic news is the latest from the Mat-Su Valley hall of drug related crime and violence. With hard work and attention, a much needed homeless shelter may turn this tragedy into something positive.

No one mentions helping addicts, better treatment or
a detox center.

"Out here in the Valley, we choose to ignore it (homelessness). It's time we belly up and find a location to overnight these people out of the cold," Mark Ewing said.

Mat-Su assemblyman's son killed while stealing drugs
TRAGIC ENDING: Jeremy Ewing struggled with severe mental illness.

WASILLA -- The 34-year-old son of a Mat-Su assemblyman was killed Saturday after breaking into a house to steal drugs.

Jeremy Ewing was shot after struggling with someone in the home, said his family and the Alaska State Troopers.

His father, Assemblyman and former Wasilla City Councilman Mark Ewing, said he believes his son acted as part of a ring set up by people he met while jailed at Palmer Correctional Center earlier this year.(ring set up ? ? ?)

Troopers confirmed that Jeremy Ewing broke into the Palmer area home to steal marijuana and said they are investigating the case. Two arrests have been made, but Sergeant Michelyn Grigg on Thursday refused to disclose the names of the people arrested.

"To protect the integrity of the case and to protect the witnesses we have, we're not going to release the names," she said.

Mark Ewing said his son had a history of run-ins with the law, although a public database of court cases indicates most charges against him were dismissed. Jeremy frequently lived on the street despite offers of a warm bed from family and friends.

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  1. Sarah will never sue over Babygate, or anything else because she would have to be deposed by the opposition's attorney. There are way too many skeletons in that closet, and way too many lawyers who would jump at the chance to oppose Sarah in court, pro bono.

  2. When I lived in New Mexico I went accross the border to Mexico and when I walked by a pharmacy a guy yelled at me loudly asking if I wanted to buy Oxycontin. I just stood there a while stunned and then went into a rant about what it is doing to young people. An old man came up to me smiling. He took me to the mayor's office and asked me to please ask the mayor to do something about it. So, I did. They stopped asking people, but still sold them over the counter. A drug cartel was deeply imbedded in that little town too. I would imagine there is at least alcoholism at the parental level in the family. They certainly live by the #1 rule in an alcoholic family-Don't tell anyone what goes on in this house.