Monday, September 14, 2009

Sarah Palin, 1,330 fund managers, China and $10 trillion of assets

Palin can see China from her house, too

OK, so it's going to be a really short speech.

What in the world is CLSA thinking? Other than introducing her audience to folksy colloquialisms such as "you betcha," "you're darn tootin" or giving tips on field-dressing a moose, it's hard to know what intellectual fortitude she will add at an event attended by 1,300 fund managers from 32 countries managing more than $10 trillion of assets. William Pesek • September 12, 2009

Will Sarah Palin Be Indicted For Criminal Embezzlement Involving A Building Company?

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Blumenauer's end-of-life counseling once favored by Palin
God's Own Party

Palin's favorite baby sitter wins!

Media barred from Palin speech

No one can know the secret life of the secret Sarah. 1,330 fund managers just want to have a little secret fun like old McCain.

Odd Things are Happening - X Files ? (odd things never stop with Sarah Palin )

Sat nite update:
  • The Mat Su site is now down, It was up as late as 10 tonite
  • The cached page showing the doctor on staff is gone now as well
Who's not your mama?


  1. " "Ms Palin has not yet confirmed with us the topic of her speech," the spokesperson added."

    A week before the speech, and the organizers STILL don't know what she will be screeching about?
    Do they even know *IF* she will show up AT ALL???

    I wonder what 1300 red-faced international tycoons will do when they realize they have been duped and stood up - just like all the others in this last year where she promised to come and then skipped out with fishy excuses...

  2. I think I know what Sarah Palin is going to talk about, and it ain't what Rupert Murdoch thinks it is.

    She's going to rehash -- AGAIN! -- her version of how the political campaign went last fall, how the McCain campaign operatives let her down, how surprised she was to find out on returning to Alaska that the people of Alaska and the legislators wanted her to get back to business instead of dwelling on the campaign, how the media let her down (thus, no media attending this speech), how evil bloggers are, how evil late night comedians are, how evil her once-future son-in-law is, and how persecuted she is for asking for money to pay her bills.

    Don't expect anything new, or a revelation that Sarah Palin has learned something since dropping out of sight 6 weeks ago.

  3. I was thinking she would yap about, or lead into her book. I think it is about her pioneering spirit, progressing Alaska crap. The same old alright. She is the grizzly bear mother of all time. Those darn evil doers are after her but she is soon to be Sarah of book $ale$.

  4. She's going to yap and wink comfortably at the media-free crowd. And they, suffused with frosty Mai-Tais and good food, will laugh along in amiable fashion and applaud at the end, just like they always do.

    Then the Murdoch PR team will issue a press release saying that her speech was about whatever they want it to be - not what it actually was - and she will be declared a great success on paper. They might have a "surprise" video interviewer there to softball a couple of questions to her and show how radiant she is looking, a Murdoch plant supposedly from Hong Kong tv. That would be a nice touch.

    A blow-up doll with a tape recorder could appear in her place at the actual speech and it wouldn't make one whit of difference in the planned outcome.