Friday, September 11, 2009

Listen to Tank Jones take on Dan Fagan

In brief: Levi’s handler Tank Jones is defending the statement though, and went on Fagan’s show to have it out with him over it. You can find the audio here. An item appeared in last Sunday’s Anchorage Daily News’s Alaska Ear column reporting Republican Fairbanks.
By Brendan Joel Kelley
Anchorage Press September 9, 2009

Dan Fagan knows zip about Sarah Palin. Tank Jones is sticking with the Levi Johnston Vanity Fair article and says to wait until all the evidence comes out. They get into would Sarah Palin call her baby "retarded?" Lively and good natured.

Did Fagan hear the radio show when Palin laughs about Lyda Green and cancer?
Sarah Palin laughs while Senator Lyda Green is mocked as a "cancer" !!
Bob Lester of the "The Bob and Mark Show"

Fagan doesn't have a clue about Sarah and Todd's "wild ride?" That was attempted murder if you believe what the Palin's claim.
Phillip Munger of Progressive Alaska believes Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig
Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 71 -- Delivering the Real Issue

He repeats the letter by Lee Tompkins, BSN, she
supports her local medical professionals and more:
If you can't make good choices and decisions during the most critical time of one's life, can you or should you be trusted to make decisions at less critical times or for others??

Palin chose to fly to Texas for a Governor's conference at 35 weeks of pregnancy. Why she chose to go instead of sending a surrogate is unknown and unreported. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists late pregnancy air travel poses an increased risk of preterm labor and other complications such as premature rupture of membranes (leaking amniotic fluid). And the Governor, having already known Trig was a Down syndrome child, knew this was a higher than average risk pregnancy, since Down's children often have additional congenital problems such as cardiac issues.

The exact nature of any advice given by Dr. Baldwin-Johnson to Palin in these conversations is unclear and unreported."

Audrey of Palin's Deception responds to Tompkins:

Pulling A Palin: My Response to Progressive Alaska Part One
Gryphen update: Tank Jones defends Levi Johnston on Anchorage radio


  1. BPP, that was fascinating. Dan Fagan clearly never read all the articles and interviews from McCain insiders about Sarah's behavior during the campaign. Thanks for posting...clearly shows Dan's ignorance. Just because a woman gives birth to a child does not mean she has unconditional love for it. Just google Benita Jacks.

  2. I just listened to Dan Fagan talk to Tank Jones about Levi's assertion in VF that Sarah Palin referred in a joking manner to Trig as "the retarded one", and Dan's argument, throughout the "interview" is that a) Sarah would never have said that, b)he KNOWS Sarah would never have said that, c)Sarah would have to be the most evil mother if she had said that, and Sarah is not evil, hence, she did not say that, d) even if two other people would testify that they heard Sarah say that, Dan would still not believe that she said that, and, to top it off, e) if Sarah herself told Dan that she said that, he STILL wouldn't believe she said that. At this point, Tank is besides himself and says (repeatedly) "You done looooost your miiiiind!"

    The problem, as I see it, is that Dan's own assertion that Sarah would have to be an evil mother to have said such a thing is TRUE, and he could not get himself to admit that Sarah might have some evil tendencies in her, thus the total denial and stubborn and pompous refusal to even cede the point that IF she HAD said it, if Levi is telling the truth, then she might be a bad mother.

    I could sense poor Tank's frustration, because, as we all know, you can't argue with stupid.

    Tank also reitterates that "you don't know the whole story yet; you haven't heard all the evidence"

    Oh, indeedy!!