Monday, September 21, 2009

Track Palin, Ms. Maples would like you to join her for dinner.

MSNBC video interview with Cathy Maples:

She was asked who she would like to attend the $63,500 dinner, her answer was Track Palin. She likes that he was in Iraq. Her grand children will be there and you can imagine the delight it would be for her family to meet him.

The woman must have money to burn. She wanted to help Ride2Recovery. Instead of directly sending them a check she participated in what looks like a rigged publicity stunt. The more people involved, the more money taken out of what goes to the wounded warriors and veterans.

Is it any wonder people would question if she is some kind of a corporate puppet that works the system?

She is a piece of work. No one asked her why she couldn't just say she met Todd and Sarah at the Fairbanks picnic like the other Palintologists. It isn't a direct lie, more like one of omission. Why hide her meetings unless she has something to hide? Adrienne Ross has been shouting it from the roof tops that she was in Alaska for the quitting series. Not Ms. Maples. She is now hiding and ashamed she was at a celebration with all the others.

Shame, shame, shame on you, Ms. Maples!
You are a disgrace.

We know because she gave The Huntsville Times a photo of herself with Sarah Palin, Sarah wearing the same clothes she had on before her final quitters speech in Fairbanks. It looks like it could have been taken in any parking lot. However, there is no way Sarah is that fast of a quick change artist, she did not rush to Anchorage and back before handing off the State of Alaska to Governor Parnell.

After blowing smoke in numerous interviews Ms. Maples finally claimed she met Todd and Sarah at the Anchorage airport, it is clear they had another rendezvous.
What a rendezvous, it was at a major happening for all of Sarah's main team players. They came from all over the country.

She is one more snake in the grass war profiteer that lives off of those she helps to wound and kill on the battlefield so she can give money to charity to fix them. It is good for business.

When Maples talks she remembers the talking points like special interest groups and you betcha she won't forget to say Acorn. She doesn't believe Sarah Palin lies to get votes and Maples remembers to plug the speech, free from media, in Hong Kong.

The Palination is seeing gotcha media in this video. Go figure.

Organizers say the winner will have to foot the travel bill to meet up with Palin, likely in Alaska. Maples says that's no problem.

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  1. I saw your picture of Cathy Maples above, Galileo, but have you seen the one of Maples in the Fox News clip at The Alaska Dispatch?

    Until the woman opened her mouth, I really thought she was some guy in drag. I can't believe this woman is 10 years younger than me. Yikes.

    Petty little criticisms aside (/snark), the woman is a true Palinbot -- she has the Palin worship down perfectly.