Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Palin crow's feet rumor

Sarah Palin will be leaving her cocoon? According to the Alaska Report she was seen wearing sunglasses in Wasilla. Sunglasses in Wasilla! What next? Cosmetic surgery?

Can 1,300 fund managers be wrong? They are expecting her fresh face at the investors forum in Hong Kong next week. The top secret topic has leaked that she could be good for some tips on e-bay or book sales.
Everything the $10 billion in assets pool needs to know.
(More like it, she and Wendi Deng have a Hong Kong shopping excursion planned that is to die for, the speech ruse is for Rupert)
The MSM Is Never Going To Hear Palin’s Hong Kong Speech, No Matter How Much It Might Not Want To...because what even is Sarah Palin, at this point?
The Alaska Report Rumor Central: Palin had cosmetic surgery on her crow's feet

Her next book is for mothers to be.
Motherhood! How to get it on and get it over with
There is nothing more magical than a pregnant Palin and she really must share her secrets with her adoring fans and unwed teens across the world.

Without a doubt she will be taking on Stallone's eyebrows as well. It is something she gives a great deal of thought to, after all... there but for fortune goes Sarah. A LIFE OF THEIR OWN I love the part with the smooth forehead.

Former President George Bush, who made us so proud in China, was wiser than any of us knew.
Bush reportedly called McCain 'a five-spiral crash,' said Palin 'not remotely prepared'

The Quitter's Secret debu-taunt romp

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