Saturday, September 19, 2009

Track Palin returns in time for dinner with Cathy Maples..UPDATE

Ms. Cathy Maples is the high bidder and winner of the Free Shipping and Alabama dinner with Sarah Palin, can you imagine the glee if not only Sarah shows up but Track Palin as well? Can you spell photo op, or is Ms. Maples camera shy like the new Sarah?

Ms. Maples is the owner of R&D Electronics Inc and friends of Lockheed Martin. (didn't Palin call on Dick before her quitter speech?) If the following comments are the same Cathy Maples, she and the Palins will hit it off big time:

Cathy Maples
Obama-Biden are a joke. He does not have any idea about how to be Commander in Cheif.
(not my typo)

If he would go into private and run a business for a few years he would give him some
insight concerning taxes. If elected I am afraid we will have a depression. Most people
don't study the economy and the effects his policy will have on the U.S. they vote because
of personality. #464 - Tue Sep 9, 2008

Cathy Maples
I think McCain and Palin were great. I am proud to be an American and it is obvious John McCain is

too, (although this is the first time some people are proud to be an American) I do not want a leader
for this country that his wife does not appreciate being an American. I respect McCain and Palin for
their morals and the fact they don't compromise them even if it is unpopular. I wish the people of America would invite God back to our country before it is to late. I don't want to sit under a President
that thinks I am bitter because I believe in God. #337 - Fri Sep 5, 2008

Say what you will, this little old Alabama dinner could be some more good old family fun.

AKMuckraker: Palin Foe Frozen Out of Auction When Identity Revealed
updates | Gryphen

Sarah Palin’s Son Track Returns From Iraq This Weekend!
Sept 17, 2009
Meg Stapleton issued the following statement: "The Palins are expecting the return of eldest son Track this weekend from a yearlong deployment with an Army combat brigade in Iraq," DEO said... I guess the communitiy better hide their school buses........

Update: Cathy Maples was not alone, enthusiastic 'Palintologist, someone who studies Palin and shares her conservative values, Maverick attitude and American style,' Adrienne Ross of Motivation Truth and several others gathered at the end of July to say farewell to Sarah Palin's political career in Alaska.
ProChoiceGrandma and others have deeper questions surrounding the cryptic ebay dinner to take place in Alabama.: Fraud in a time of stimulus: Misrepresentation of minority- or woman-owned status
PHOTO: Courtesy Cathy Maples
Huntsville woman wins online auction to have dinner with Sarah Palin
Shelly Haskins September 19, 2009, 12:24PM

"I thought it was an extremely good cause, and also I'm a big advocate for Sarah Palin. I think she has a lot of morals, and I would love to see her as president of our country," Maples told The Associated Press.

Seven people placed 61 bids over the 10-day run of the auction, which had a minimum bid of $25,000. Maples will have to foot the bill to meet up with Palin for dinner, likely in Alaska.

Right> The photo with Britta (believed to be Track Palin's former paramour) Hanson whispering into Palin's ear was taken July 26, 2009 in Fairbanks.
Notice the same jacket as in the photo with Maples.
Anchorage or Fairbanks?

Sarah Palin serves the public hot dogs before officially resigning during the annual Governor's Picnic July 26, 2009 at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks, Alaska

more photos of Fairbanks
Boots on the Ground in Fairbanks - Sarah Palin's Quitspeech
Sarah Palin gives her resignation speech during a ceremony in Fairbanks

The Anchorage Daily News quotes Maples

Palin dinner offered on eBay brings in $63,500 for charity
Last Modified: September 19th, 2009

Maples has met Palin twice before, once at a fundraiser in North Carolina during last year's presidential campaign. The other meeting was in Alaska last summer, shortly before Palin left office.

"I've been to Alaska about three times, and the last time I came I bought my grandchildren up, and I tried to make sure my they got to meet her, and they did," she said of the brief meeting at an airport.

"She was a very gracious person, and we enjoyed it," Maples said.

Seven people placed 61 bids over the 10-day run of the auction, which had a minimum bid of $25,000. Maples will have to foot the bill to meet up with Palin for dinner, likely in Alaska. She wouldn't have any problems making another trip north. "I love Alaska," she said.

Other auction items for the charity included lunch with former Bush aide Karl Rove (which went for $16,000), a "CSI: New York" set experience and party with star Gary Sinise ($4,150), and a Rob ( Rob Lowe has been playing with young beauties since the 1980s)
Lowe-autographed baseball jersey ($620).

Maples is allowed to bring four people to dinner. She says the plan right now is to bring her two grandchildren, 13 and 18 years old, their mother and the 18-year-old's girlfriend.

The auction had regulations for the winner, including passing a background check.

"Will not be a problem," Maples said.

More Maples, 53, of Huntsville: Local will dine with Palin

The dinner, which is still to be arranged, will be the third time Maples has met Palin. The first time was at a fundraiser in North Carolina during the presidential campaign. The second time was this July in Alaska.

Maples took her grandson, York Powell, on a trip as a high school graduation present, along with his mom, Michelle Powell, younger brother, Camden, and friends Maggie Thompson and Jordan Price.

The group fished, took a cruise around Prince William Sound and went dog-sled mushing. The highlight of the trip, however, was meeting Palin and her husband, Todd.

Maples, who said "persistent is something they say about me," made several phone calls trying to see Palin. Finally, Todd Palin himself called her to coordinate the meeting, which came just after Palin announced she was resigning as governor.

The couple spent about 15 minutes with Maples' group at the Anchorage airport, and Palin posed for pictures with everyone.
( ???????? )


  1. I thought Track came home last week?

  2. He probably was back in the USA last week, at whatever port/Army base his brigade landed at. It takes a while to arrange the transportation from there, I imagine. He probably had trouble getting ahold of his mother, and his father probably doesn't have access to all that donated money.

    (remember when Palin was whining during the Kosovo trip that her Alaska National Guard soldiers might have to PAY THEIR OWN WAY home? Well, that's what every soldier has to do, once the armed forces gets them back on U.S. soil)

  3. The military pays their way to where they enlisted or their next duty station.

  4. Thanks, Galileo, for finding Cathy Maples' comments. Looks like just another religious dimwit who was mesmerized by The Dimwit.
    "I wish the people of America would invite God back to our country before it is to late."

  5. From listening to Cathy Maples speak and seeing her comments, I certainly get the impression that she is President of R&D Electronics in name only. Perhaps someone is just using her to qualify for contracts awarded to women and minorities. I would like to know who is the real captain of that ship.

  6. ProChoiceGrandma, I am with you on that. Ms. Maples just might be committing fraud. I would not hesitate to think that 51% of the company was given to her by her husband or some other white male to allow the company to qualify as a MWBE (Minority and Women Business Enterprise)when bidding on government contracts. I am in a business where this often occurs. I would love if someone looked more into this.

  7. Sarah's comfort level in dining companions blatantly appears as birds of a feather flock together...

    Interesting thoughts PCG and NT re: possible fraud. Wouldn't be surprised at all. But, Oh my, how could that be--as they are such good 'christian' women?

  8. Whoa, Baby!, if what you say is true, and I stand corrected -- then what in the world was Palin complaining about in Kosovo? Was that another one of her deliberate misstatements? Not surprising, really.


    I wonder if even the "Native American Woman owned" claim is a fraud?

    All the whining from the neocons about "wanting OUR country back" might be based on the delusion that European-Caucasian-descended Americans are the real natives, and that even what we normal people refer to as First People are usurper immigrants from the Far East or Siberia or somewhere...

    Neocon delusions can be quite convoluted.

    That being said, some people claiming Native American status are so watered-down that characteristic skin tone and features are lost in the mating with European-Caucasian ancestry.

    I wonder what fraction Ms. Maples is claiming?

  9. Track Palin doesn't play games like his mother does. He's not into drama and craziness. I betcha he'll try hard to stay out of the limelight.... and I have a feeling Sarah will comply.

    I am of the impression that Track is like us, he sees what it is WE see in Sarah.

  10. I went to the Alabama Secretary of State site to look up the corporation R & D Electronics, Inc.
    Cathy E. Maples was not listed as President until 1995. The names listed as the incorporators are:
    Randy E. Smith, Porter O. Dunnaway and Charles R. Smith Jr.

    Randy E. Smith has continued to be listed as the Agent for the corporation.

    I looked up Dunnaway and here is a list of corporations for which Dunnaway was an incorporator:

    Porter Cattle Company, Inc.
    Spirit of America SELLabration, Inc.
    R & D Office Supply Co., Inc.
    R & D Corporation
    Action Sports, Inc.
    AC Equipment Company, Inc.
    Duck Springs Hunting Club, Inc.
    R & D Electronics, Inc.
    Sam's Country Kitchens, Inc.
    Appalachian Leasing Corp

    Ok, you go from there, I’m tired!

  11. Awesome digging PCG! When I read the other day that she was head of an 8A corp my mind made the same leap that yours did. I do know about the sort of shenanigans that all too often go on with those.

    And thanks Galileo for sharing all this about Maples. It all leaves me rather speechless. I think the whole auction was cooked.

  12. "I respect McCain and Palin for
    their morals and the fact they don't compromise them even if it is unpopular."

    Oh, but they HAVE compromised them!

    McCain's morals? Check out he flew around the country chasing Cindy while still married to his first wife. Gov. Sanford was *so* behind the times--McCain was C Street before the C Street club even started!

    Palin's morals....right. Are those the ones that made her think teenagers sharing a room together, and banging each other for months in The Palin's family home, was okay? Someone ask Cathy Maples about that over the soup and salad.

    The only explanation I can find for this woman's vapid statements is, Cathy Maples has the same inch-deep intellectual reasoning ability as Sarah Palin.

  13. Google "8a native american woman huntsville"!

    After looking at just the first 2 pages I've found at least 6 companies (mostly defense and technology) lead by native american women in huntsville, alabama. What the heck is going on? Huntsville isn't that big a place and I find it hard to believe so many companies just happen to qualify for section 8a?

    Here are the companies I've seen so far:

    And it gets weirder. Look up Ted Stevens and his connection to the SBA.

  14. Galileo - I can't find an email for you so I'm doing it this way - when I was looking through my photo folder last night something jumped out at me - at SP's appearance up in Unalakleet she was wearing that same aqua blue jacket that she was wearing at the Fairbanks picnic but her hair was down like it is in the photo with Cathy Maples wearing the flag shirt - I just thought that maybe that was where that photo was taken since I think her hair was always in its formal do for the picnic day. Although I can't imagine what Cathy Maples was doing in Unalakleet.

    Just a weird thought - had to share.

  15. Bree,

    Thank you. Your skills for observation amaze me.

    Ms. Maples has me baffled. Did I miss something? From what the interviews said she met Palin twice.
    1. fundraiser in North Carolina
    2. once in July in Anchorage

    Flag shirt? What a strange costume to wear in Unalakleet. It is a long way from Anchorage.
    Why wouldn't she just say Unalakleet, much more interesting. Todd was there.

    I thought 'Fourth of July' when I first saw the flag, but that doesn't make sense either.
    Palin was wearing purple in Anchorage, aqua in Fairbanks. The hair does look more as it did in Unalakleet. Was there another Anchorage event in July?