Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sherry Johnston & Diana Palin's court docket "Media Coverage / Application and Approval"

Diana Palin committed some serious crime. She also placed her 4 year old daughter in a situation where the child could have been seriously injured or shot dead.

Most of us would suffer public humiliation and scrutiny. Diana Palin gets privileges few of us know. Sherry Johnston got the pink handcuffs.

LisanTX found this Media Coverage / Application and Approval from April 3, 2009 on the Dockets page of the court records State of Alaska vs. Diana D. Palin.

Diana Palin deserves due process. It is not just if she is given special treatment, even if it looks legal. Phil Spector had both money and name recognition and his court proceedings did not obstruct media, the Fourth Estate. Diana is not the likely person that her media black out protects the most. Why does the whole state of Alaska have no interest in this?

What a long strange day it was in Palin land. Sarah Palin not only keeps ghostwriters she is a ghost.
Has it actually been over a month since she went missing? She is definitely missing, not the slightest indication that she has made any attempt to communicate or that she exists.

It is stupefying they would have staff or ghost writers do everything in her name and pathetic she is incapable of handling the slightest teachable moment:

shannynmoore: Palin Details Death Panels From Facebook
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was invited to testify before the New York state Senate Aging Committee by its Chairman, Rev. Ruben Diaz. Instead of testifying, Palin has submitted written testimony, and publicizes it via her latest Facebook "Note."

Palin has not so much as twittered or made a phone call since the dinner with publishers at Michael's in New York City. Not one word, not a message? Nothing. No one has seen her. There may have been a sighting if she did return to Alaska.

We are talking about a non writing ghost, Sarah. The handlers behind the scene are releasing the batshit crazy lady with new writers and reworked neocon material. The idea is to make the gullible believe she has her act together.

What happened to this Sarah? Where is she?
That's not all, they are in overkill with their new Sarah Palin, she's not there, but she is selling the worst of dinner dates to the highest bidder. Some sucker will "win" dinner with two Palins, two minders and numerous conditions. If she shows up. Like with Diana, it will be secret no matter what.

Dinner With Sarah Palin? Not If High Bidder Is UnsuitableBased on Her [Palin's] Subjective Standards of Suitability, Professionalism, Background and Other Factors

Gryphen Tuesday, September 08, 2009 reports a piece in the WSJ!
Sarah Palin's ghostwriter has graduated from writing for a handful of sycophants on Facebook to trying his/her luck with the WSJ.

Palin Details Death Panels From Facebook


  1. It's funny that she's so terrified of contact with a liberal.

    Gutless, brainless twit.

  2. ""providing Medicare recipients with vouchers that allow them to purchase their own coverage;""

    So now she wants to get rid of Medicare? Wonder how her base likes that? Oh,thats right,if its not in the headline,they will never read it.