Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A terrified 4 year-old Palin and silence

The Mat-Su Valley is missing a court reporter?
Where is Sarah Palin's Diana? No body will say.
This much we know, the Valley has a drug epidemic that is devouring their children. While surrounded in majestic beauty they are frozen in hopelessness and despair when not self-medicating.

Diana Palin's criminal prosecution is beyond mysterious, it is one of the Valley's best kept secrets. Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on? No one at all is doing follow up on what is happening for the child or what the reset hearings are about?

Next Superior Court sentencing for Diana Palin is January 22, 2010. What was her plea?
We know her father, Big Daddy gadfly Jim Palin, was campaigning in Idaho at the end of August. It's said that Todd raised his half siblings, that would be Jim's children raised by Jim's child. Was Todd in court to support Diana? Todd Palin has been mainly MIA until rumors have him moving to Palmer for Willow to go to school. By now Sarah Palin and Piper are rumored to be in Alaska again. Why is the press silent about Diana Palin and the well being of her child?

We got that creepy feeling from Chuck Heath when he opened his mouth. The selective speaker, Jim Palin, is creepy for neglecting to show support to someone he fathered with one of his wives. I'm guessing he was married to Diana Palin's mother. Where is she? Is it the wife named Faye? When you are in a world famous dysfunctional family you deserve a little notoriety. Gadfly Palin gets a gig: Palins at Republican Women DHS Luncheon
February 25, 09 Miracle Springs Resort. Guest speakers: Faye and Jim Palin, parents of Todd Palin, parents-in-law to Sarah Palin.

The Palin machine is going into full military mode. The ghosts of Facebook helped her work for the Insurance Industry and Pharma with the stolen "death panel" concept. Moving along, the SarahPac Sarah Palin notes (Gryphen: Has Sarah returned to Facebook?) are repeating the old neoconservative mantra.

There are wounded to dead soldiers and reality is avoided, it is against the neocon principles to mention or allow facts to interfere with war. They rather have a celebrity auction.

And they think Levi's Ricky Hollywood gig is in bad taste. Unlike Diana Palin, Sherry Johnston gets plenty of press while sitting in a local prison awaiting her sentence. No one can say exactly what the Johnston team is getting at with the last Vanity Fair article but the fat lady didn't sing and Wasilla is the same old drug addled place no one wants to leave.

State of Alaska vs. Palin, Diana D

Change of Plea: Superior Court 09/01/2009 15:45 16:00 White, Vanessa H Hearing Held
Courtroom 6, Palmer Courthouse 435 S Denali St Palmer

Change of Plea: Superior Court 09/03/2009 13:15 13:30 White, Vanessa H Hearing Reset
Courtroom 6, Palmer Courthouse 435 S Denali St Palmer

Sentencing: Superior Court 01/22/2010 10:00 10:30 White, Vanessa H Courtroom 6, Palmer Courthouse 435 S Denali St Palmer

The best little drug ghetto in Alaska
Wasilla, Palmer, Mat-Su Valley
Where the party never ends and only certain name recognition and cash get you a deal


  1. Here is what I found out from the Dockets page of the court records at:

    Joshua Fannon was brought in as her attorney in May. At first, she used the Public Defender.

    See the entry: "April 04/03/2009 Media Coverage / Application and Approval"

    This sounds like someone applied for and got a ban of media coverage. Hmmm...

    At one point, a hearing was scheduled for 9/3/09. The parties must have reached a plea agreement or something happened to change the hearing to 9/1/09. (hearings rarely are rescheduled for earlier dates; almost always for later dates)

    A Presentence Report was ordered. The sentencing hearing is set for Jan. 22, 2010.

    To me, this looks like she and DA reached a plea agreement. The Presentence Report is being prepared now. The judge will consider the report when signing off on the sentence in January.

  2. Sorry you got a comment like that! It is amazing what people will say to fellow human beings, all over politics. Ignore him/her!

  3. LisanTx, Thank you for the information.

    Do you think it's Todd, her father or a third party that is helping her incognito?

    Right away the "Media Coverage" (and no media covered) \ was approved.

    "April 04/03/2009 Media Coverage / Application and Approval"

    04/03/2009 Media Coverage / Application and Approval
    04/03/2009 Media Coverage / Application and Approval
    04/03/2009 Temporary Order

    What might this be?
    08/29/2009 Temporary Order
    08/29/2009 Order Granting Stipulation Case Motion #10: Stipulation (In Motion Tracking) - (ppwk only)

    Diana Palin's charges were serious. No one in the area is interested to see how justice works in the Mat-Su Valley? This is outrageous that a criminal case can be so secret.

    The Palmer court room couldn't have been more different for Sherry Johnston. Did she have an option to apply for no media?
    She was exploited by the pink handcuff brigade instead. Justice?

  4. lisabeth~

    I am more inclined to think that someone sought and obtained approval for media coverage. There are applications that must be filled out to have media coverage in the courtroom.


    Personally I don't think that you can request that media not be allowed to cover a public hearing. Now if the media requested it the judge can then deny it, but if it says "approval", I would tend to think it was an approval of allowing the media to cover it rather than denying them that ability.

    Just my own opinion.

  5. Truth,

    It is chilling to think anyone could request or manipulate for a media black out, I've heard so much about Alaska corruption and strange things do happen there. Diana Palin is not someone with power and she is not the only one who would want a media black out.

    Thanks for the application form. It does look like a typical procedure. I think you are right or the Judge lost the application and it is in limbo.
    There is "01/05/2009 Media Coverage / Application and Approval" on Sherry Johnston's docket.
    A good court reporter is a boon for a community. They can tell you what the current plea is and find out the well being of the child.

    As far as I know, the media did not cover anything about Diana Palin after mid April 2009. The local media seemed to drop it after the initial article. That's where the MSM gets fed. Didn't media mention when Sherry Johnston changed pleas and reset court dates?

    Diana has been in custody since her arrest April 2. She was being held in lieu of $10,000 bail, The Anchorage Daily News reports.
    Diana's past criminal record is largely comprised of minor traffic violations, such as speeding and driving with an expired registration, along with several small claims judgments. She also was a petitioner in two separate domestic violence cases dating back to 1999 and 2001, involving other men.

    "There was a significant safety issue regarding this 4-year-old child," prosecutor Mike Walsh told Judge John Wolfe.
    The girl told police she'd been to the house a couple of days earlier, the affidavit stated. Palin, however, said she had never been there before, and mistakenly thought it was a friend's house.

    It is disconcerting that the community doesn't show more concern for the 4-year-old. It would be nice to know that whatever is going on it doesn't need to be a dark secret and that the child is in a better situation. People always pay lip service about children doing well. Someone needs to do better. The creep that kidnapped the girl in California for 18 years had parole officers visiting the scene of the crimes. I think he had to turn himself in.

    Wasilla also had the Bible Church fire and others. No one speaks up to ask for answers or to know how the investigations are going. I read about an arsonist in the area, I can't find the article now nor have I heard more about that. Diana Palin's case might be handled like the fires. No updates, just silence.


  6. I agree that it doesn't seem fair that you could potentially request a media black out, but that would really only be limited to media in the courtroom. Media would always be able to have access to the court proceedings/records due to their being part of the public record (unless for some strange reason the judge decided to seal them, but that is unlikely).

    From what I have heard, and I will admit I have no way to verify if this is true or not, but I have heard that the Palin family has nothing whatsoever to do with Diana, at her request, and that request is happily obliged. I've heard that the little child is in good hands now and being taken care of.

    Yes the media did happily report on Sherri Johnston, and one would hope they give the same kind of coverage to Diana only out of fairness to all sides. Since they were so gung ho to portray Levi and his family in a bad light due to Sherri's situation, I would hope they are equally fair to Sarah & Todd in respect to Diana, although if I had my way, neither would have been so prominent in the news.

    I am not surprised that we've not heard much about Diana considering who she is related to, and I suspect that this will be the way it goes.