Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Queen Esther thrones in Hong Kong

Randy Scheunemann thinks if at first you don't succeed, try, try again...we'll see. His runner up beauty queen, debutante is only as good as a spin cycle.

An outstanding exposé of Palin palling around with warmongers.
...the latest "cutting edge" info on Sarah Palin's
puppet masters
Dan Blumenthal
Kim Daniels

In the Land of Queen Esther1
Queen Esther's Legacy

Max Blumenthal Returns to the Land of Queen Esther
Mudflats: The Ken Morris Challenge

In the Land of Queen Esther2

Max Blumenthal heads deep into the land of Sarah Palin, reporting from inside her longtime church, interviewing her friends and enemies, and putting her spokespeople on the defensive about

the theology behind her extreme conservatism.

Gryphen: update Hotel Grand: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is conveniently located in Wanchai waterfront. Connecting to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, it is adjacent to Wanchai Ferry Pier and MTR is only 5 minutes walking distance.The 572-room award-winning Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, opened in November1989 and the benchmark for a whole new level of excellence for Hyatt,easily ranks among the finest hotels in the world today.


  1. Sarah is not Queen Esther, but she is more like Lilith.

  2. I hope she didn't spend the entire visit sequestered in the Grand Hyatt. The spokesperson for the CLSA emphasized that this would be a very short visit - just in and out. Did she fly commercial or Murdoch?