Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is someone in the kitchen with Piper Palin?

There is something desperately sad about Piper, the Palin's youngest daughter. She is a precious girl. Her parent's choices had to be hell on her over the last year. Now there is no one who can say for certain where she is or about the care and schooling she receives. Both Piper and her mother are MISSING IN ACTION. In the best case scenario that can't be healthy for a child that needs the protection of a stable home and a typical family life. Did she have to leave her family and friends? Does she have a kitchen where she can do her own cooking? Is it hired help or restaurants where she sits down for the replacement of the family meal? Is she overwhelmed with her new life and new friends?

Levi Johnston once lived in the same house with Piper. They were all one family before the split ups started. Now there are dark secrets and the family is no more, the divides are vast. Piper might be as far from her Wasilla home as New York. Levi is telling his part of the family story piece by piece. His Vanity Fair article titled “Me and Mrs. Palin” is coming out this week. The Palin's will not only deny anything Levi says, they will try and destroy everything about the Johnstons. The fact is they are no longer together and Levi is the one with a better track record for making sense.

"There wasn’t much parenting in that house"
is a serious statement from Levi. There is enough to back him up but it does not sync with the packaging of the Sarah Palin that was sold to America. Her puppeteers and Palinistas are continuing to sell the ideal family of values. An über symbiotic relationship is not cute or healthy.

The questions surrounding Trig Palin are important, but please take some time to remember the missing and forgotten 8 year-old we know as Piper.


  1. Palin's supporters are going crazy over this one...but they can deny all they want. The burden of proof lies with Sarah.

    I have always felt like Piper probably had a huge princess complex. She has been dragged out on stages since birth, and desn't know any other life. It is a huge let down for a little kid who was used to "special treatment" her whole life to be suddenly out of the limelight.

  2. Thank you for remembering a little girl whose primary "utility" to her mother has been her value as a prop. Piper has seen her family disintegrate, seen a nephew and a grandson born perhaps a year apart, and witnessed the exile of the one-time future brother-in-law who used to help make her dinner. Is she in school? If so, where? Is there any continuity in this child's life at all?

  3. Well passing the buck to Piper is nothing new.
    Notice how in this video clip, Piper hands Trig to Sarah only to have Sarah hand him right back to Piper and tell her to put him somewhere else.

  4. Truth, you are absolutely right--and it's only a few seconds into an eight-minute-plus film clip! Certainly adds credence to what Levi said about life at the Palin household...

  5. From their introduction at the Convention, my heart has bled for Piper Palin. If you look close at the pictures of Piper taken during the picnics in Wasilla, Anchorage and Fairbanks, you see an unhappy little girl. Being a photographer, a person's expressions often say tons more than their words. Piper is having to grow up way too fast!