Sunday, July 19, 2009

When will Bristol's abstinence-only passion show?

Celebrity Bristol Palin was last mentioned as being in public in a July 4, 2009 article. Todd has a beard and doesn't have a beard, that part gets confusing. Was the parade photo taken this year? Bristol looks like she gained weight or she could be pregnant and rumors fit right in with the look. Just last May she was thinner for her media gig with the Candies Foundation. Who is the beardless guy from July 3? It's all too much.

I'd like to know is Bristol a quitter like her mother? Why hasn't she said boo about abstinence-only? She could have one of the Palin public relations teams put out a spin about why she quit, to spend more time with her little family is a good one. The disappearing act is low life, she learned that from her parent. This works for a rebellious Bristol who wants to make her parents look bad. If she wants to stoke the rumor mill she can, that's how Britney and Lindsay do it. Why not another dopey celebrity teen?

It took Levi to show the world that Tripp is not always the "out cold" prop the Palin side shows us. If they wanted to put out another image of Tripp with the Palins, they would if they could.

The last presser I know of was last April. HERE, Bristol Palin Has A New Boyfriend!! The Sarah PR would have approved of the release or we would have heard something else. Whether an actual friend of Bristol said that or not, we'll never know, it's more likely it was a no name plant. The Bristol isolation part of all this was pathetic. It is nice if she appears to have some friends her age. Johnny Chandler has passed approval and we hear he is working on his image. Chandler has pity for Bristol, Levi probably joins his old friend in Bristol pity. Sarah not only threw her from the bus, she'll continue to run over her because she knows Bristol is too weak to escape. The stories about Bristol going to school in Anchorage are dubious, they mean nothing, even if she was going to school there or taking courses on-line. Wasilla is a tiny community, a suburb of Anchorage. Some residents may feud for a time, like the Hatfields and McCoys, but in the end they'll kiss and make up. Bristol is bonded to her old gang.

It makes total sense that she is not practicing abstinence-only. Has she gone back to "slutting" around as the new rumors go (Have you ever wondered why she suddenly stopped going around promoting abstinence?)? Slut was a word she used. Does she have a steady beau, two, more? The last we heard from a presser she was palling with the old gang. There is news, Wasilla is a toxic wasteland, which is further explanation to their problems as seen around the world. What is happening to your youth, Wasilla?

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