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Whassup with Wasilla's abstinence-only...

UPDATE: Albany Fallout: Non-Profits

...while the arctic cats are away?

One can only imagine what a taste of freedom would be like for Bristol Palin. Or is a Bernie Kerik security detail watching over her and the babies? Can she leave the fortress, use her cell phone or be on a computer unsupervised? How would she handle a baby and a toddler on her own? Hmmm.... we've heard the snowboard enthusiast and the once dumped for Levi, Johnny Chandler, is cleaning up his act. Is there anything to rekindle? Levi is not only on the market again, he and Bristol were flirt texting last April. Is he still on Sarah's make nice list? Is he able to see Tripp? ( Update: June 11 through 17, 2009 )
(Wasilla party photos below)
Why does it matter? IT MATTERS! Secrets are poison. It matters b/c someone is hiding something and a million more reasons. It matters b/c people aren't seeing the entire picture, hearing the whole story and myths are being spun.

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” George Santayana

That "history" includes our own little personal experiences. Wasilla has those long cold winters, what to do? Drinking is an important past time in the culture. As mayor, Palin kept the bars opened until early morning, to keep the peeps of "Silla" happy. The current mayor carries on the tradition. It's expensive, it taxes law enforcement and it's hell to pay on those long nights going into early morning when the night peeps are out "relaxing" with booze, drunk driving or finding more trouble. Wasillians want their bars open late and the local authority is on board for the ride.

For a teen shut in, it may not be the bars, there is camping and partying. They are learning from the culture and frequent unsupervised activities. Left on their own, what do they do? An 18 year old can only play so much bingo. How tempting is the old life for Bristol?
Palin's Deceptions MySpace: bristolfinalpdf.pdf

National Enquirer news about "Sarah Palin's Druggy, Drunken Family"
courtrecords.alaska 1:48 PM

More recent is Diana Palin who was lucky enough not to be charged for taking her 4 year old on a robbery.

Track Palin is also legendary.

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Yes, there are consequences
RIP Tyree

Teen scenes of Wasilla

AKStuart9months ago( from June 2009) Went to school with the daughter in question for a few months, before they moved from Juneau to Anchorage.Word on the street was that she snorted diet pills and smoked other such things. I'm pretty sure she did a lot of other things, too.This pregnancy rumor has been popping up a lot in our school (well, at least until I graduated last year.) I wouldn't doubt it, either.


Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia Entry Get’s Overhaul...We have the Original
Things that make you go HMMMMMM… June 4, 2009 1:37 PM

The John McCain scrubbers had to see these teen images and the thousands of others of small town Wasilla while helping Palin's family clean up. These are tame and not the sexy ones. They didn't question why this was never addressed while she was mayor of tiny little Wasilla? She is also close with the expert
Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson.

The Johnstons computer was scrubbed and there has been too much purged to go into here. Suffice it to say there are peeps that don't want reality told. Several Wasilla blogs have been captured and go back several years. The posters, now adults, are very proud and satisfied with these memories. They bond with and treasure this lifestyle. The residents of Wasilla who aren't into this scene, don't talk.
Wasilla, Alaska population Est. 2007 9,780
Wasilla High School
Wasilla High lacks sex ed

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