Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quitter Palin hates history and transparency

Palin's vitriol on official site VANISHES!

Let the cover-up commence...
Tue Jul 28, 2009
Official Press Archive
Yes, I was personally horrified that all links to Sarah Palin's vitriolic and targeted press releases to exact "fair play" or the threats of potential lawsuits against progressive Alaskan bloggers including Shannyn Moore and Linda Kellen-Biegel, seemed to have vanished entirely from the SOA (state of Alaska) website! Who wouldn't be? Keep in mind that those bloggers here in Alaska are merely expressing their first amendment rights in the form of "freedom of speech" by blogging about the alleged abuses of power and ethical complaints against Sarah Palin in her official capacity as Governor of the state of Alaska. With that in principle in mind I went to the sites I like to check every day to read whatever new crazy thing is designed to attack us bloggers. I went to the official State of Alaska website and got a shock that I feel should rock us all to our very core. -Laz
Original photo from Celtic Diva

Update: Thankfully, THE Diva "talks me down"...

The depth of Sarah Palin's ugliness knows no bounds. The state of Alaska belongs to the Palin gang or the to the people of Alaska? She did learn from the best, there is more scrubbing from the days of McCain/Palin08. Sherry Johnston tells of their computer being hacked and losing all their photos and who knows what.

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