Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why did Palin abandon her constituents and set women back?

Why? Why? Why? Queens don't just quit! No way! Point guards don't ditch the team with a FU I'm not telling attitude of mumbling and poor PR. Everyone can agree, there is something more to the quitter governor of Alaska's sudden exit. Before you spill too much virtual champagne, remember she leaves her appointments and a milquetoast replacement who is a member of the same religious affiliation. The part that doesn't seem to change is that her servant heart is still serving Sarah and she talks to a select few that know her code or are easily bamboozled.

More about Sarah's latest show:

Andrew Halcro: The danger of saying nothing

"Hours after the announcement, a woman stopped me in the store and told me how disappointed she was after hearing about Palin's resignation. "What does this say about women, that we can't finish the job? She was the first woman governor elected in Alaska's history and now she just up and quits," the woman added."

theopalinism: Palin Politcal Future? Watch SarahPAC…
"If she is really pulling out of politics…SarahPAC will dissolve. If it remains active? She is gearing up to torture the entire country - not just Alaska!"

There are many more possibilities for Sarah's future that could explain her desperate dereliction:

hypocritesandheffalumptraps: House-gate


Where would we be without a Top Ten?

nailinpalinnow: Here Are The Top Ten Reasons Palin Really REALLY Quit - And Add Yours

Palingates: all the gates so far. They link to posts on the subject.

Wretched video of the mad woman departure screech HERE
If you have the endurance: Palin Announces No Second Term (22:14)

If you want to know why this could make
Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
I'm a bit concerned about another one of the Palin girls after watching that resignation speech earlier today...I wasn't able to get a screen capture, but someone else saw the same thing I did. No joke. Unless it's a "con" by Palin herself. 8:09 PM

Until the indictments come down there continues to be much to chew on. It doesn't get much more mavericky than Sarah Palin. No one is about to forget that "wild ride" and the who is pregnant now drama. Bristol is an Ambassador and she can't quit now. We haven't seen Levi's movie or read his book. There is so much to think about as the long court proceedings get started.

Palin's Deception: "Palin quits. We won't"

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