Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wasilla: no glove, no love! wiener 101

If there is anything the Palins are proud of and love, it is Alaska's fish picker status. For heavens sake! They almost killed their unborn son, Trig, so he could have an Alaskan birth certificate. (I think it is called a "pro-life abortion") At least, they claim they took a flight that risked Trig's life to get that Alaskan fish picker certificate of birth, has anyone seen Trig's birth certificate? It has certainly been at the heart of a controversy. I take all that to mean fish is important to the Palins.

Alaska ships product all over the world and what would be more important than food safety? No one wants to infect their clients with disease. With the wonderful culinary delights of the state you would think Mr. Dochtermann's request would be important news and of interest to all Alaskans and all who love and buy their product. If you are a foodie be sure to read the following:
Request Investigation of Palin Administration July 24, 2009 By KC Dochtermann

Friday July 24, 2009 the Palin family serves wieners at a public event:
In the following video @ :38 a man hands something to Palin, she laughs and thanks him.

What was it? It looks like gloves, or a food handlers tool. At times Piper is wearing gloves while handling the wieners. At any time did her role model mother ever put on the gloves? It looks like she came close. Who was the gentleman in the video and what was he doing? It looks like Sarah, Piper and Britta Hanson were hovering over the food for quite a while. There is a serious old dude that is there to protect the Palins. At times people were hugging Sarah with the food beneath them. What on earth could drop off from their clothes? People do drool and sneeze, was it necessary to display affection in what was to be a food line?
Planning to serve food at a Fair, Carnival, Festival, Bazaar, Public Exhibition, Promotional Event, Potluck or Polictical Event?
Then you have a temporary food service.

What does Palin have against food safety?
winkwink Says:
First swine flu death of an Alaskan reported
Bristol's old party friends protect their cell phones!


  1. This is hilarious! Avoid sketchy outdoors dining opportunities served by grifting Governors!

  2. Hmmmm...this Dochtermann situation seems quite "fishy"...why did he contact Todd Palin with his initial complaint? For Todd to insert himself as aprt of the administration like that seems like a clear violation of law. This guy needs to get himself lawyered up and start suing.

    As far as the weenies...I just want to say ick!