Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Palin book is on the way!

Sarah is expecting again?

CBS's Scott Conroy and Shushannah Walshe are writing a book about Palin, and they are releasing some of its wonderful anecdotes to us, the public, in advance. gawker

Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish, will keep up his interest in
Palin - The Horror.

The Palin teams must certainly have heard. They have upped the promotion of Trig and the gov is sounding more religious. hmmm...
The trips to New York, Texas and Kosovo keep the photo ops popping.
I can't imagine she would go back to governing the state of Alaska with so much fixin' to do.

Update: Sully's July 3 Palin horror
The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XXXII: Todd And The AIP
Why Palin Isn't Going Away
Getting At The Truth About Palin
The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XXXI: The Cost Of Ethics Complaints


  1. I could not agree with Andrew Sullivan more...quote:

    "How an advanced democracy came that close to having this farce of a candidate running the most powerful country on earth reveals how deep the corruption of our politics and especially our media are."

    I blame John McCain for unleashing the Wicked Witch of the North on the rest of this country. I guess I should really blame bullethead Schmitt too, since she was his idea, but ultimately wouldn't McCain have made the final decision? I would think so, with his name being on the ticket and all. But I guess we should really thank him for the free entertainment.

    So Sea4Pee and Team S are eerily silent this past Megamouth Stapletongue venom, no tweets from the twit...nothing?

  2. Why are you saying is she expecting again? I don't see a link for that?
    I have my own suspicions why she is suddenly bustin' out.
    Do you have a link?
    crystalwolf aka caligrl

  3. V, John McCain is a spoiled Navy brat. The public needs to know the whole truth.

    L, oooops! awful joke... she's expecting another book about herself.

  4. Well she better be prepared for another "wild ride" b/c I don't think she will like the ending.
    4 Alaskan Blogs are predicting disaster for her soon, Progressive Alaska recently said...
    "The sh!t is going to start coming down on her so hard, so fast, so soon."
    crystalwolf aka caligrl

  5. 4 Alaskan Blogs are predicting disaster for her soon, she earned it. That is worth celebrating! I'm not feeling sorry for her yet. I've known narcissists, they can manage to get through most everything. The only thing that seems just is when they get one of those orange jump suits to wear for a very long time.

    Next week would be a nice time to start the unraveling of one of her humongous disasters. Todd and the lies about AIP need to be remedied. She so desecrated the flag. I hope McCain and the whole campaign are exposed.

    hmmm... announcement from Wasilla in about 30 min?