Thursday, July 9, 2009

Book deals: Quitter Palin makes sense to two journalists

Sarah Palin's resignation makes sense to two journalists working on the upcoming book:
"Now, nobody likes her," said Walshe, who spent two months in Juneau, Alaska, watching the legislature and governor in action. "She wants to go back to the adoring crowds that you saw during the campaign," said Walshe, "and not put up with the petty stuff in Juneau -- her declining poll numbers, the ethics complaints, the legislature's disregarding everything she wants to do."
(See Palin in Florida crowd below)
Florida crowd estimates were inflated like most Palin numbers.

Dillingham, Ak: CBS was not invited to Sarah's media assault and photo op on Bristol Bay.

May 2009 Rupert Murdoch Has Plans for Sarah Palin
Palin and her literary representative, Robert Barnett, may have found a neat solution, though, as it was reported earlier today by the Associated Press that she had sold a memoir to HarperCollins that would be released by two of the publishing congolomerate's divisions simultaneously: the main Harper imprint here in New York, and Michigan-based Christian house Zondervan.

Palin's book deal: July 6, 2009
"Christian" version of Palin's life to be published
(untitled memoir (to be released in 2010) will also be released in an expanded, “Christian” edition)
HarperCollins is banking on the high visibility and publicity for Palin's memoirs, to be released in early 2010

Levi Johnston shops book deal


Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits crooks and liars

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