Sunday, July 26, 2009

Many Called, but Few Were Seated

Levi Johnston's book deal is progressing. I'm guessing he stayed at the Hotel Elysée or a comparable dwelling. He might learn to like New York after all. It's worth a look, definitely a change from Wasilla.

Many Called, but Few Were Seated

Here are a few links for Levi's digs while away:
trip advisor
Monkey Bar is THE resto on East 54th Street. A breathtaking journey into New York's publishing royalty where the air is as exquisite as the 40's dark luxury decor.
The Hotel Elysee, home to novelists, actors, athletes and playwrights -- Tennessee Williams lived and died there.
Finally, there was the restaurant, which can be entered through either the lobby or the bar. ``I remember seeing Tennessee Williams in here, about 1976,'' recalled one of my dinner guests. ``He was eating dinner and....

Monkeying Around With Edward Sorel

See, Hear & Speak No Evil

Socialite Life

Where: The Monkey Bar, 60 E. 54th Street
  • Cuisine: American
  • Vibe: Swanky supper club
  • Occasion: Stargazing; see and be seen. Impress your date.
  • Don't Miss: Monkey bread, Nora's meatloaf, sticky toffee pudding
  • Price: Appetizers, $13; entrees, $25; dessert, $9
The Monkey Bar has been pleasing palettes for over 70 years. Their menu include barbecue, crispy duck breast, grilled Hangar steak, and so much more. “Six nights a week the Monkey Bar offers a different cut of meat for $24, a significant savings over other New York steakhouses.”

Laws of the Jungle Apply *** Inside Monkey Bar

Currently celebrating its 80th anniversary, this legendary bar has been frequented by such luminaries as Tallulah Bankhead, Joe DiMaggio, Tennessee Williams, Marlon Brando and Ava Gardner. The overall ambiance taps into the location's unique history and features executive chef Julian Claus Ehlers array of American and Continental cuisine. Monkey Bar and Grill was voted the No. 1 bar in New York by Gourmet Magazine's latest readers' poll.

The New York Post reported on July 25, 2009:
They hadn't seen anything as big as Alaska before? "two of the biggest, burliest bodyguards
would be Rex Butler and Tank Jones.
Levi Johnston does need protection from the unrelenting hacks that are released when the Sarah Palin brand thinks there is a threat and their lies will be exposed.


  1. Seriously! Dude gets around! This gives me hope that he has been connecting with the biggest of the bigwigs in NY media circles - go Levi! It can only be a good thing :)

  2. This gives me hope as well that Levi can get his true story told, all of it! A good thing, but it won't be pretty. The Murdoch empire, Repub techies and church followers are ready with their unrelenting venom.