Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cheap tarts and the Mother of All Asspirations

Sarah Palin, Wasilla's very shoesy mouthpiece for world dominance and unrelenting tyranny, is educating two of her children on public relations this week. Thanks to T. David Stapleton's daughter Meghan and her diligent allegiance to all things 2012. The trip to central (that coterie of conservative edicts) New York is a big whoop for the helicoptering entourage as they take in historical site after historical site in the very historical world of Meghan's Auburn and nearby historical abodes. Did I mention they are getting a few history lessons? It's a little late for Sarah and Todd, maybe something will rub off on Piper?

photo: You can almost see sack o' Trig as Palin parades the boots

( Dare anyone ask: back in Wasilla, who is minding the Ambassador of Abstinence, Trig and Tripp while the arctic cats are away? ...just over the wall ya know? condoms or March 2010?)
According to PEC of pee:
June 5, 2009 5:59 PM "If she is running in '12 she is doing the perfect campaign"

And there is no shortage of unadulterated idolatry at it's best.

However, not everyone sees the world through Palin colored glasses
June 6 is a chance to reach more citizens and media about the Palin carnage.

After Palin's henchmen executed 14 poor pups last summer -- with a shot each to the head -- and more than 250 wolves were killed during the recently concluded 2008/2009 aerial gunning season, Palin's administration is resorting to even more extreme tactics to kill wolves.
Earlier in the week Sarah Palin was slouching about with someone she thought was former President Ronald Reagan, his wayward son Michael Reagan. (video * plagiarist Palin) No one gave her the memo that the dude is a total loser, almost as unknown as the newly arrested paranoid alarmist Hal Turner. Who? Well, he had to get arrested to get some publicity. I still don't know who he is, but there are other peeps who are paranoid, thinking they will have to tone down their inciting hate babble.

For now it is all history and celebrations. The Parade was a "Sa-RAH ... Sa-RAH .. Sa-RAH," and "Run Sarah Run."

Queenie chirped in with "There must be something in the water here," Palin said. "I told (daughter) Willow before we leave, drink it up."

Next stop Palin will be tapping Bernie Kerik's old pal Rudy

As periodic as the Indian monsoons are the indictments of Rudy Giuliani’s best friend, Bernie Kerik. He was nearly made the Secretary of Homeland Security in 2004.


  1. Ha! You found Geoffrey Dunn's indictment of Palin's plagarism a whole hour before I did!

    Good for you -- I hope this is rather thoroughly discussed.

    She's such a ethics-less twit.

  2. Oh my God! That page you linked to of that poor nutty woman. I have to feel sorry for that person.....the one who is crazed about Jesus and Sarah? I am speechless.