Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Gov from 'silla' and the mysterious homeschool black out

Why is Governor Palin hiding Bristol Palin's homeschooling?

Since Levi Johnston revealed that he and Bristol were homeschooled in the fall of 2007 behind the big wall on Lake Lucille, there is NOT A WORD from the Gov. Her recent press releases are not in her particular tongue. She is already employing a ghost writer to present a new syntax. In hopes that when Lynn Vincent pens for Palin the transition won't be noticed? It's a nice change on the surface but the same disaster lurks beneath. Among the least of her concerns is education. She doesn't want Alaska to be compared to other states in her own country, the United States of America. Her ties with the Alaskan Independence Party are showing.

What does Palin fear and why can't she open up?
From GQ: The previous year he’d been in a home school scenario. Alaska boasts the most lax homeschooling rules of any state in the union, in the sense that they have literally almost no rules. Levi was doing his learning online, through a Brigham Young University program. Unsupervised, at the Palins’ house, where Bristol Palin was homeschooling, too.

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from AIP toPatriot Tea Party, Wasilla Alaska May 30, 2009
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While on the Wasilla City Council Sarah Palin's voracious read was the John Birch Society Magazine


  1. Hey there, I read the other AK blogs dealing with this issue and wanted to let you know I enjoy yours as well. You seem to have a different sort of take on the issue, as well as being pretty gutsy in presenting it. Keep up the good work :)

  2. I wanted to tell you the same thing. I like how you are doing your blog and hope you keep it up. Do you live in Alaska? If you don't want to say either way I understand.

  3. Thank you both. It is great to hear from you all. If you miss the Palin for a few days there is soooo much to catch up! My other life keeps me away from my basement dwelling cave, plus I'm having these weird connecting to internet problems. I'll try to pop in now and again and hope things are running smooth soon.