Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sarah Palin icon, balancing black berries and...

"Baby Burke" photos from Mudflats
There is a big uproar over a 'Baby Burke' image at Mansour's public relations operation site.

Icon is in the eyes of the beholder. To hear Rebecca A. Mansour tell it, you'd think that parading a young baby time and again in front of stage lights for crowds of seething germs is how to get her ideal of an iconic shot. For others Sarah Palin's iconic mothering style is using a prop.

Heather captured "Balancing BlackBerry and baby" another iconic image of Sarah Palin, as anyone can see, that should read black berries. August 29, 2008 for Meghan McCain's Bloggette. Meghan did a great job documenting the 2008 Presidential campaign. Meghan has gone on to write for the Daily Beast and she got herself a worthwhile book deal. Meghan: "Starting out the day with Dad's choice of Governor Sarah Palin as his nominee for Vice President is a moment on stage I will never forget."

This is the week for governors to bail, first Sanford of South Carolina jets to Argentina. Palin of Alaska hasn't fully recovered from all the questions she stirred during her New York Texas games. Her staff doesn't care to keep track of where she is or let anyone know who is in charge, they just say to visit Alaska troops overseas, another pre-campaign photo op is more like it. To be back Monday? They are never that clear, so there are more missing and unaccountable days (4-5 days?) on the tax payers dime.


  1. If Palin had timed that trip just a week earlier, we could all speculate that Gov. Sanford was the one she was meeting for a little private tete-a-tete.

    Are any other governors out of country, say, visiting the troops in Europe?

    Heck, if her "crack" administrative staff are going to keep us in the dark, that leaves us only one thing to do, right? Speculate!

    I just hope she isn't out doing a naked hike somewhere, like Sanford's own staff speculated...

  2. And speculate we must! Why aren't the journalists in Alaska half the barracudas as South Carolinian journalists? They were sitting on his affair and knew the airport to find him.

    If she was any kind of a real player she could do a photo op with the troops in one or two days. If she is out until Monday, you know she is up to no good. I wish her missing pieces were as benign as a naked hike or plastic surgery.

  3. Why aren't the citizens of Alaska bitching about where their stupid gov is and who is in charge?
    There is absolutely no reason for her to be jetting around blabbing word salad!

    BPP-Please keep the pissed off palin pic :)
    Just to remind everyone who we are dealing with!
    crystalwolf aka caligrl