Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where was Willow of Wasilla on June 7, 2009?

That seems to be a burning question since the faux Palin v. Letterman thing started. Willow's dad, Todd Palin, brought poor Willow into the madness using an inappropriate word. RAPE. Next the "HOT" Governor of the tiny state of Alaska riles her fans with the inflammatory statutory rape alarm. They had to make up a story and twist a dumb joke in order to get this much attention, the same joke that was told numerous times by several comedians.

How tasteful would it be to just write a letter?

Wasn't it enough that they publicly paraded a knocked up Bristol? Now they want Willow under their bus, forever linked with statutory rape rhetoric. What kind of psychosis drives these parents?

How many New Zealanders would recognize Willow
Palin? The numbers are growing. Her parents gave her face time in the New Zealand press. Too bad they can't work that magic with their bail out plan for their rising legal debts.

Now it's of national and world interest if Willow was actually at Yankee Stadium.

The trip to New York was publicity plus with photos and video of everything. Willow looking like a bright eyed participant to her grungy Candies sex model for teens look. At a glance, it is easy to think that was the knocked up daughter? I don't know what the Letterman scriptwriters saw or knew that day, it is not believable that seasoned comedians would do that joke about a 14 year old. That is clear. So why toss Willow under the bus and do the high drama routine?

It is not even about if Willow was at Yankee Stadium on June 7, 2009 or not.
It is, did they lie again?
Todd came out and said Willow was at the stadium along with Rudy and Judi Giuliani. There were press photos taken. The simplest thing would be to release the photo ops of Willow that day. Since the Giuliani's are silent that screams another stupid cover up. Giuliani loves to gab and be the one to settle things. Whether she was there or not, it is in fact certain that someone wants to keep the Willow statutory rape link going.

David Letterman did not tell a joke about a 14 year-old girl. He did not tell a rape joke.
Here is an example of the lies they are telling to keep this fake feud going.
Todd Palin is projecting rape. Sarah Palin wants to throw statutory rape in the mess. They need to be called out on all their lies no matter how petty. The Palins are hurting their children, Letterman's son and every other child with their rotten role modeling.
( Enquiring minds also want to know why are Palin babies "out cold" so often? )

David Letterman apologized TWICE. That was days ago. The Palin teams are not letting it go. With every kook they can find, there is an on going protest to fire Letterman. You can go to the fire David Letterman website and count the lies they must tell to provoke the situation.

If any good will come out of this it might be the public will be able to tell Bristol from Willow Palin.


  1. Willow was not at the Yankees game. On palingates there is audio of Rudy mentioning only Sarah and Todd. I have scoured the internet postings of the local NY papers and NY bloggers who were at the game, and again, they only mention Todd and Sarah.

    BTW, I don't think Rudy would be that generous to give away tickets costing anywhere from $1,000 to $2500 a seat to the entourage Sarah took along with her on this trip which included Willow, her sister, and nephew. Box seats at Yankee Stadium are very pricey...Sarah will probably have to declare them...can she even accept them? Who knows

  2. IF Willow was at the ball game, there should be a ticket for her and with the price of those tickets, won't they show up on some tax info in the future?

    While it may be a delayed way to find out if Willow was at the ball game, IF SHE WAS AND PALIN DOES NOT REPORT THE COST OF HER TICKET, THEN THE IRS WILL GET HER.

    ON THE OTHER HAND: If there is no reporting to IRS about Willow's ticket, it supports that she was NOT at the game.

    Don't know how to get media to ask Guiliani, but that would be a much shorter time frame to get the answer.

    I know Guiliani's wife sat between him and Sarah and she is easy to mistake for a Palin daughter.Did you see the Kevin “Coach” Collins interview of a church Elder? Heaven help us all.

    Let's settle the questions of "what would you say if Letterman had talked about Obama's kids that way."

    This is comparing apples and oranges. Obama's kids have not gotten themselves knocked up, nor thrust themselves into the media spotlight nor have their parents done that.


    Please note I said, "IF."

    That is a very big "IF."

    IF they had, then yes, it would be apples and apples and Letterman would have the same right to comment on them as he did on Palin's kids.

    AND I would have NO problem with that.

    However, to compare "what is" with what "might be but is highly unlikely to ever be" is apples v. oranges.

    NOW, IF Letterman made the same joke about the Obama kids WHILE THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING TO DESERVE IT, THEN YES, I WOULD BE PISSED.

    But, Letterman--as well as other comedians-- do NOT make jokes about people that don't deserve it.

    NOT because they are so moral, BUT BECAUSE IT WOULD NOT BE FUNNY !

    It would not be funny because it did not make sense. Thought experiment: Substitute Obama for Palin, and substitute ( in your mind as well as Letterman's words) Malia for Bristol ( or as some insist, Willow).

    Ok, not funny right? BECAUSE IT WOULD MAKE NO SENSE.

    And last but not least, I cannot tell you how ashamed I am of women who use the most shallow of reasons to "be offended" by "sexist" remarks that really reflect NO sexism from the person making the statement, NOR are sexist generically. I have taken a lot of "blows to the head" and have broken a lot of trail in the area of women's rights a long time before feminism existed and N.O.W. is no longer an organization I respect. They should be ashamed.
    It is the same as hyphenating your last name and thinking you really "stood up on your hind legs" and did something to be proud of. Sorry, kiddo's. I have seen mud puddles with more depth.

  3. Good article and good comments! I have a lot of patience and I know the day will come when so many of Sarah's lies will be exposed. The woman always makes stupid and unnecessary embellishments and they are catching up to her.

  4. I also wanted to add that N.O.W. reacted like a bunch of ninnies. I am ashamed of N.O.W. They obviously have not done their homework when they showed support for Sarah's false outrage.

  5. Great comments. Thank you all.

    Todd reminds me of a little boy who cries wolf (rape). What is N.O.W. thinking, not thinking? I would think they would be informed by now and correct their errs.
    We can understand being behind parents backing up their children if misrepresented. That is what some think happened, it isn't what happened.

    If a woman yelled rape when there was no rape, that would be an outrage. Todd Palin should not get by with this lie. If he made a mistake and later corrected it, that would be one thing. Parents do get sensitive and over react. Instead, his wife comes out with the toned down version, statutory rape. The groups calling to fire Letterman are still there carrying out the lies. N.O.W. is part of that if they don't act like adults. Comedians telling salty jokes is a whole other issue they could take up without being attached to a lie.