Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Stick a fork in Bree, she's done"

What man, woman or child wouldn't give their eye teeth to not only have the ab thing going? (that was 33 weeks pregnant) Also, by age 44 to be a miracle tight rope walker and hiker? If that wasn't enough, she showed the world her very
"Amazingly Short Pregnancy" (hypocritesandheffalumps).
Who could do all that while governing Alaska? Sarah Palin!

They don't call her an icon for nothing, she bounced right back after that narrow escape from almost birthing a fish picker in Texas. Within days, baby Trig was ready for a coming out shower and to meet the world. All that after his near death or brain death experience in the skies over the lower48, Texas and Canada and finally arriving at her not special needs little hospital in the Mat Su Valley. Palingates: Sarah Palin's wild ride in her own words

Have you ever seen anything quiet like her? No wonder people still have a million questions.

It is broken down into two categories: (not including camp denial because they won't talk or answer questions)
1. Sarah Palin is the most uncaring, devil-may-care mom to be, who wanted to kill unborn Trig
2. Sarah Palin was never pregnant with Trig

Either way her constituents, the lower48 and the rest of the world deserve
and must have answers they can verify.

Progressive Alaska's redux of Lee Tompkins letter.

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority is getting to those burning questions, how does she do it? Where are those exercise class friends? She didn't have a baby without support and help from her long time family physician, Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson.
The Sarah Palin exercise plan: Or how to keep baby weight off until the seventh month and then drop it all again only weeks after giving birth.
Just for fun Palin and Letterman Pregnancies

There was a deluge of shuddering for the Palins during the time she was going for the VP spot. That in itself would be fascinating to delve into. The Johnston family had McCain operators move in on them and their computer was gutted. Many photos and MySpace were screen captured and a few survived on the internet.
TruthSeeker222: Sarah's Pregnancy photos

More this and that on the über uterine females:
Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson

Palin's Deceptions: "Yes, it's hard to make out exactly what you're looking at here; the initial screen grab just doesn't have enough date to make a really clear shot. But the overall impression here is that we are looking at something that is rectangle shape."

Update: video

(this is the video of Sarah where she pats the rectangle tummy above)

@ 1:58 kristan cole
@ 4:50 pregnant sarah April 2008

It's here, you need no other example of Palin's pregnancy prowess.
(this has changed, you might be able to get to the one where Sarah hikes in a Juneau
winter with her high heel boots if you try)
Was Ambassador Bristal Palin just stringing us along for Sarah's PR spin, or is she an actual spokes person for abstinence-only?

WTF!!!! VIDEO: Stick a fork in Bree, she's done

hat tip to ProChoiceGrandma


  1. That Elan Frank video should prove to everyone beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sarah was no pregnant. I have seen round bellies, basketball bellies, and wide all the way wound bellies, but not rectangular pillow shaped bellies. Just doesn't happen. Having given birth a couple of times myself, I can speak from a little experience.

    Also, too, the wearing of all the outdoor jackets indoors defies nature. I was just talking to my third time pregnant neighbor who is due in 4 weeks, and we were both talking about how we would take 2-3 showers a day. Pregnant women are usually overly sweaty.

  2. Hi Virginia Voter!

    The Frank Elan one is so comic/tragic. Am I dreaming, where did I see the video? Was it scrubbed? Any copies around?

  3. LOL - Clearly, we are on the same wavelength! I admire all of you bloggers that are exposing the serious SP issues.

    And yes, the Google - duh! I'm not always so challenged . . .

    Thanks for visiting and the kind words!

  4. I found bits of the Elan video on youtube, it's part of a Fox News series called "An American Woman". (@4:50, approx)