Sunday, June 14, 2009


WAIT, WAIT ... Here's real proof that hell has frozen over. During the big Letterman-Sarah flap, Levi Johnston was in Los Angeles, a petted and pampered guest at a women's empowerment group event.
Ear is not making this up. It's called Go Girl Worldwide and is run by an actress wannabe named Jennifer Murphy, who also offered Levi a role in an unspecified upcoming movie.

P.I./bodyguard Tank Jones went with him. He got offered a movie gig too.

(See for the tape. And if you go to and click around for a while, you'll find pictures of Levi, Tank and babes).

Meanwhile, Anchorage attorney Rex Butler, the Svengali behind this whole "Being Levi Johnston" phenom, said his client has two book offers and two reality show offers under discussion. One of them is a reality hunting show.

From Sarah Palin's warm and fuzzy Anchorage Daily News
Alaska Ear The divine appendage

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  1. I would love nothing more than for Levi to make some $$ from all the shit the Palins gave him and his family. Sad day when Levi is the voice of reason, maturity, and intelleigence in this whole saga!

  2. Levi is the hope of Alaska, he deserves some good to come from all this. What Rex Butler said in the NYT style section was encouraging. I'll believe it when I see it. If it is not just a tease, it looks like they are shopping for a book deal.

    Jennifer Murphy is quiet the entrepreneur. Winning beauty queen, The Apprentice, Go Girl and movies. Her first movie, a horror/thriller film, has no name recognition players.
    A name, any name, that was recognizable would help her film business. It looks like they can scratch each others back. I hope it is not too flaky. I suppose, a quality comedy spoof of Levi's reality could work.

    I'd prefer a documentary, Hunter S. Thompson style. This is the day of "reality" shows, he might go for the "reality" hunting show. Too scripted and hokey for my taste.