Monday, May 18, 2009

Bristol Lollipop Palin at crass rink on Candies

Why do they have those poor grads marching in front of a Denali Orthodedic Surgery sign?


Exclusive? People Magazine is the Palin's press flack and what a piece they wrote. They don't even have the right age.

giddy and irreverent, hmmmm.



It sounds like they were attending a rave party and not a graduation.
WTF is with her hand? That is the best photo
People Magazine could manage?

Something is wrong! First of all, this is Wasilla, the Meth Capital of Alaska, can't they give their students some standard of self respect? Next, this is Wasilla High School, named by John Hopkins as a 'dropout factory'. Why the financial burdened rinky dink rink with commercial clutter for background? They had to know Sarah would have her media darling Peeps to document the "regretting only that she was 'point zero-zero-something' away from graduating" crack, HoHoHo! It is graduation, the grads are entitled to celebrate, giddy and irreverent could come AFTER the ceremony. What a mockery. Blow-pops and lollipops, INDEED.
What are these grads trying to tell their parents and the world?
Bristol is a Candies Foundation mixed message Abstinence Ambassador. The unwed teen was dragging around a comatose 4-month-old baby, or was it a doll?
Seriously, watch and see that he did not move for at least six minutes, she could not make him respond and
his mouth was dry and wide open. Matt Lauer's initial reaction was to say he is
Desperate to know if her baby was still awake or alive Bristol mouths "Where's my baby?" The nameless baby didn't get front row seats like the rest of the family, he was hanging with Aunt Heather at the backstage door. If that's not symbolic. Stay off the diet pills! She would remember for which baby she was searching. BTW Bristol, your youngest baby is named Tripp. Speaking of babies, where was her alleged brother, Trig?

Bristol is a typical blow pop kinda kid and budding lollipop activist.

Just like her contemporaries finishing off with a GED and taking the walk is how it's done. She no doubt labored hard at the pool and helping her helpers with the on-line home school courses. It's nothing to crow about. Her family has the worst script writers in history. Can Adam Bellow save their skanky family persona? Not if they ever open their mouths again.

Sugar is a drug, start them young

'... really relieved,' says Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

What does it mean when teenagers talk
blow pop and lollipops?

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