Monday, June 8, 2009

What is it?

The most pressing question regarding Palin is here

"It looks as if Palin's career is still being ably managed by the best elements of the McCain campaign, including Nikki Wallace and Steve Schmidt," said Shirley. He added later: "I just wish George Bush and the GOP leadership had read the article four years ago." GOP strategist Craig Shirley
Shirley, in an email exchange with the Huffington Post, did not seem angered by Palin's use of his article. His objection, he said, was that the populist message of that '05 piece was being adopted
only in rhetoric and not in action.
Things are looking up for the fractured GOPs. No one dare mention the former journalism student would plagiarize or lift a word. It is well known her speaking talent is in confusing her listeners to the point of bamboozling. Flash some red shoes, a leg or two and it's a done deal.

GOP says Alaska Gov. Palin will attend fundraiser

GOP Leader Working Behind Scenes To Get Palin Reinvited To Big Fundraiser

In another sign of the sway that Sarah Palin and her supporters in Palin Nation hold over the GOP, NRCC chief Pete Sessions is working behind the scenes to get Palin reinvited to the big GOP fundraiser tonight, GOP sources say.

The Palin journey to New York 2009. Non-political, of course. Allegedly, it is about the great state of Alaska, the great state of New York and history, it is about how earth mother Sarah cares for special needs. Nothing to do with a SarahPAC fundraiser charging $5,000 for a photo with Sarah!

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