Monday, June 15, 2009

'game changer' for North Slope gas pipeline

Is that the "iceberg" the Alaska Report mentions?
Rumor Central: Big story still heading towards the S.S. Palin
A deal-breaker is heading toward the Palins. Can it be stopped? I don't think so. Will it topple the house of cards, all signs say yes. Stay tuned...
What say The Immoral Minority about icebergs now?

Updates: Palin’s “Hungry Markets” Not So Hungry.
messages from gov
Kenai Peninsula tomorrow (6/16/09) twit

Sarah Palin's sensitivities are a little strange:
Palin is LOSING IT--A legal battle with Houston (Texas) Crack Hos?

She started the Letterman kerfuffle in a Sean Hannity performance. Her problem at that time was the joke about makeup from Bloomingdale's

The joke: "Bought makeup from Bloomingdale's to update her 'slutty flight attendant' look."

Who cares? Sarah Palin, John Ziegler, Fox News and Sean Hannity.
Palin responded to the comment saying, "What a commentary there ... That’s pretty pathetic, good ol' David Letterman." She spoke on John Ziegler's radio show Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles. She added that she had not visited Bloomingdale's and concluded, "Slow news day, evidently."
By no means was that the end of the Letterman kerfuffle, it has been morphing ever since Hannity and is now the best fund raising ploy she has. Sarah is asking people to "rise up" and who would that be? The bold that claim "grass roots" and have bonded in tea bags. Look who wants Letterman fired, the national tea party organizer Michael Patrick Leahy. (FACEBOOK) photo > > > > >
Sarah's Wasilla Teabagger Picnic . Sarah Palin did attend and was photographed. Her gang at conservatives4palin have the images.

The Palin charisma has infected Texas as well. Russell Korman, owner of Russell Korman's Fine Jewelry & Watches, filed a complaint Thursday with the Federal Communications Commission. Speaking about Letterman he said "I really think it was intent to hurt a public figure by going through their children." He thinks?

Sarah Palin plays feminist.

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