Thursday, October 8, 2009

E-mail? Alaska, get crackin'!

Long wait continues for Palin e-mails
RECORDS: State says it's overwhelmed, but critics cry foul.

Public records requests made more than a year ago for Sarah Palin's e-mails still haven't been filled by the state, and the Alaska Democratic Party chairwoman alleges it's an attempt to bury the past.

"I think they're hiding something, I think this is a travesty of justice,"
state Democratic Party Chairwoman Patti Higgins said Wednesday.
"The law says they have 10 days to do it."

Public records in Alaska are generally supposed to be provided within 10 days, although the state can extend the deadline for more complicated requests.

This is a travesty of justice.
The state can't work out a way to release them in increments?
If they are in cahoots with her, they would delay and obstruct. She makes everybody look bad and the details will be the kiss of death for some. The people can't find a way to file a class action suit against the state and rogue quitter (who earned no benefits) gov ? It is a crime what all they are doing.

ADN excerpt:
In the request, Higgins sought Palin's schedules and calendars between Jan. 1, 2007, and Sept. 15, 2008. The Democrats also sought various categories of e-mails for about the same time period, including:

• All e-mails between Palin and state Rep. John Coghill, R-North Pole, or between Palin and state Sen. Fred Dyson, R-Eagle River, with the words "abortion" or "AGIA," which is short for the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act.

• All e-mails from Palin containing the following words: babysitter, childcare, McCain, Obama, Democrat, Huckabee, Wal-Mart, Eskimo, Natives, Kuwait, passport, Ruedrich or Kopp.

• All e-mails between Palin and her husband, Todd, with any of the following words: vote, veto, budget, oil, Monegan or Wooten.

• All e-mails between Palin and her sister, Molly McCann, with the words Wooten or Monegan (referring to figures connected with the so-called "Troopergate" affair.)

Another of the pending requests is by Anchorage activist Andree McLeod, who made a request on Oct. 1, 2008, for all of Sarah and Todd Palin's e-mails concerning official business for the previous two years. McLeod reacted to the latest extension by writing state officials Wednesday that

"it now seems Governor Parnell needs to keep Alaskans in the dark."

Jones said "we continue to work hard" to complete review of the records requests"
October 7th, 2009 09:00 PM

Gryphen: "Palin's only defense seems to be hiding behind Facebook, and having her Palin-bots provide cover, until everybody hopefully gets tired of trying to hold her accountable for her actions."

The Anchorage Daily News covers Palin?


  1. Galileo, do you suppose that the delay on providing those emails has something (or everything) to do with why Sarah's book was rushed to publication for release on 11-17-09???? Sarah had to get her book sold before those pesky nasty emails expose all her lies. Those FOIA requests are more than a year old now.

    "Parnell's office this week asked the attorney general for another extension, which is expected to be granted. The request came after Jones said the documents wouldn't be ready by the latest deadline of Nov. 30. "At this point, we are uncertain how long it will take to complete the review process ... despite our staff's best efforts, we still have a significant number of records to review," he wrote."

    I wonder if Parnell gets a cut of the book profits?

  2. ProChoiceGrandma

    I wouldn't doubt there is a delay connection to the Rogue book. For Sarah, the Troopers delayed arresting an oxy dealer who was selling to local kids.
    The state is "reviewing" all the e-mails, what will be left to see?

    I don't get why they won't work with the people who pay their salaries and release in increments. How much have they completed? Is anyone asking for a progress report?
    Are they saying they haven't started and there is nothing they can do but block requests?
    Only in Alaska. There are states that wouldn't be so laid back on these matters.

  3. The funny thing is, it is so easy to search any computer for emails and documents using a keyword and a good search utility, even if those items were deleted long ago. I did it with Norton Utilities Unerase, and reconstructed 6 months of emails in one weeks' time...enough to determine that getting a divorce would be a really, really good idea. It cost me less than $75. Someone send a memo to the idiots in Alaska!