Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FOREVER: John McCain and Sarah Palin

Bad boy Chris Cillizza has Palin supporters questioning his sanity. Good for him.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham are the most prominent GOP critics of the far right. hmmm...

Give losers like McCain Hell!!!! McCain is trying to backpedal without first purging his participation in bringing a far right nut case into his candidacy. He went for the lowest common denominator and he failed.
Continuing to support the embracing and exultation of one of the craziest on far right while at the same time he is a prominent GOP critic of same makes him crazier than ever.
The best antidote is the truth

Not that he is man enough, but he must give it up and come clean in order to make sense. McCain has been a bad boy since the beginning, he learned the art of cover up early in life. By the time he married into a local mafia family he was good to go with the fine art of political manipulation. Not everyone could have skated through the Keating Five thievery like the old rascal did. And who better to abuse the families of fellow POW soldiers? He is not worthy of his government positions/benefits and he needs to learn he is not fooling as many people now. Are the elections in Arizona rigged or are the voters nuts?

The GOP is starting their 2012 campaign positioning.
Neoconservative moderate v far right extremist? Even a "moderate" like Pawlenty will go rogue.

Read more about the party of old farts and dinosaurs:

The Palin Wars: Part LXII
Chris Cillizza October 5, 2009
All of the attention that Schmidt's comments have attracted is yet more evidence of the fact that Palin is a -- if not the -- prime mover in the Republican party. If she does ultimately run for president (and there are strong arguments to be made on each side), it's almost certain the race would boil down to Palin and a single candidate -- former Gov. Mitt Romney (Mass.), Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty* etc -- who would become the rallying point for the anti-Palin forces.
Until then, the forces who support her and those that oppose her will continue to reinforce their positions -- a process that could turn the 2012 presidential nominating fight into one of the most memorable in history.
( February 2008 the impossibility video: Cillizza and Palin go way back h/t midnightcajun )

Joe Scarborough Shows Yet Again Why He Could Be President Someday

*'Moderate' Tim Pawlenty Hires A 'Boatload' of GOP Dirty Tricksters to Run His PAC
Via Raw Story, Rachel Maddow points out that in a move to make himself the Republican presidential candidate in 2012, the so-called "sane, centrist, future of the Republican Party" Tim "Fear the Mullet" Pawlenty is putting together the usual assortment of Republican scum to run his political PAC:

For Pete sake, keep writing your politicians and the journalists
that are suppose to be covering them.

Clue them in on what you really want to know and why.

What is it that could affect 2012? Attorney Rex Butler speaks about a Levi Johnston book:
* “probably worth millions.”
* “doesn’t want to give it all away right now,”
* “Quite frankly, I think it could affect 2012,”
* Mr. Butler likes to suggest that Mr. Johnston’s story could have an impact on her potential candidacy.
He certainly wants to write a book, the lawyer, Rex Butler, said by telephone, adding,
“Believe me, it’s a hell of a story.”

You can see for yourself exactly how Sarah Palin was when she said she was tight ab at 32 weeks pregnant. If that photo makes sense to you, please explain. If not, show everyone the compounding evidence and keep asking questions.

Bree Palin has the best documented photo comparisons. That is a start, but not all there is.
Elan Frank Interviews Sarah Palin-April 2008 part 1
Elan Frank interviews Sarah Palin-April 2008 part 2


  1. Chris Cillizza is waaay of the mark here. Sarah Palin in a failure...she's failed at being a mother, wife, VP candidate, and governor. She supposedly had over 1,000 requests to speak, but in her 3 months since she resigned as governor, she has done exactly ONE paid speaking engagement, which was a failure. She is of interest because of her fabloid life and all the rumours that swirl around her, nothing else. She and Todd are the Jon & Kate of politics.

  2. Cillizza has riled Palin supporters enough to write about him and call him schizophrenic. No big deal. I can't say I pay any attention to him. If he is going to write, I'd prefer he stay away from the dark side. These doofus tools need to tune up and cover the Jon and Kate of quitter politics.

    You are so right on, that is what they are. How much longer can the media facade remain? As long as someone has money to pour down that hole they will give us a poser Palin that is said to read international newspapers.