Monday, October 5, 2009

Give 'em Hell!!!!

I had a very interesting tête-à-tête last week that I thought I'd share. As you may have guessed, I'm on the email distro lists for all the major Sunday shows and cable news networks, and I get email notifications for who the scheduled guests will be as well as transcripts, p.r. pieces and the like. Last week, when ABC sent me an email that John McCain was going to be their guest again, I sent back a snarky reply asking if they ever had John Kerry on after he lost the election to George Bush as often as they've had McCain, and why, when there are so many actual issues about which the public needs to be informed, they gave so much air time to GOP obstructionism.

Read the entire piece here: About That Media Notion of "Balance"...
By Nicole Belle Sunday Oct 04, 2009

Funnily enough, the producer didn't really have much response to that, simply thanking me for the input. Honestly, I wasn't really happy with the dismissive little pat on the head from the Villager who thought that little blogger me couldn't understand why McCain was a reasonable booking. So I thought I'd give him a suggestion as to real balance:
Here is a segment I would LOVE to see you do with Sen. McCain: why don't you invite my colleague, David Neiwert, author of The The Eliminationists, on to discuss how the violent rhetoric that used to be relegated to the fringes of the Republican Party which has been mainstreamed since Obama's election and let Sen McCain respond to that? After all, he is the one who brought Sarah Palin to the national stage (and as I recall, actually said on your program that Palin was his "soul mate" after having only had one phone conversation and a short meeting with her before asking her on the ticket) and there is no other politician who has tapped so proficiently into that zeitgeist. I think it would be beneficial for Americans to hear someone of Sen. McCain's gravitas and stature disavow the kind of violent and racist rhetoric we've all seen. I'm more than happy to provide you with contact information for Mr. Neiwert if you are so inclined.

But if you're not interested in putting Sen. McCain on the spot, perhaps next time you do a show on the problems we're facing in Afghanistan, the "balance" you seek would be better achieved by putting on a politician who favors withdrawal, like Rep. Alan Grayson, instead of two hawks who will both say that the most important thing is "winning" in Afghanistan without actually explaining what "winning" means or how we can achieve it militarily. Where's the balance in that for your viewers?
Are you surprised that he had no response to that?

"Don't even call it corporate media, much less mainstream media any more. Call it corporation television, tv of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation." comment

Celebrating Slaughter: War and Collective Amnesia
Oct 5, 2009 By Chris Hedges

Déjà vu:

Levi Johnston, Lori Tipton And Their “Business” at Mat-Su Hospital –
And What Rex Butler Doesn’t Want To Go On the Record With…

Sunday, 20 September 2009
"Ice Crystals": Tori Tipton and the Mat-Su Valley

The losers who gave us Sarah Palin

The GOP operatives who championed her should be held accountable for endangering the country
By Joe Conason July 10, 2009


  1. another interesting post.


  2. Hi Galileo,

    thanks a lot for linking to my blogposts. I really appreciate it! Like you say: Give 'em Hell!!!!

  3. I agree with Joe Conason...the Palin VP pick did endanger the country, and still does as long as Sarah continues to give speeches abroad and says she represents "Main Street USA". The only street that Sarah Palin even comes close to representing is Wisteria Lane.

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